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Famous Locksmiths: A Profession

Locksmithing is art of designing and producing locks and other mechanisms used to secure building, storage, objects, safes, rooms and other places. Famous locksmiths are the people who are talented metal- workers with the knowledge of exact sharp shaping the meta pieces of the locks, and doing much of the hard file-work.

If you are not very familiar with famous locksmiths I’m not surprised! Most locksmiths just want to operate a reputable and profitable business locksmith sw3! There are obviously famous locksmiths amongst the locksmith profession, who are known for the criminal skills they possess as lock pickers! As for famous serious locksmiths, none are really well known to the general public throughout the country locksmith west ealing.

Ancient Locksmiths – Famous Locksmiths

Famous Locksmiths: romans locksmith
romans locksmith

Traces of locksmithing have been recovered from the Ancient Egypt and Babylon, estimated 4000 year ago. At that time locksmiths used created wooden devices in which tin tumbler principle was used to prevent free movement of the door bar.

The lock was in the shape of morden toothbrush that was to lock the doors. One of those simple locks was discovered in the remains of the Assyrian Empire, in the city of khorsabad near nineveh. The lock found has been estimated to be around 704 BC old.

Introduction Of Metallurgy in Locksmithing

Famous Locksmiths: metropolitan locksmith
metropolitan locksmith

In 18th century after the Metallurgy was adopted. Locksmiths ware now able to make more durable locks and keys. New design of Locks were also introduced, which were more durable and safer than before. Later people started demanding for metal Locks for better security for their houses, safes and other building.

Famous Lock made in 18th Century

In 18th Century many new locks were designed which changed the meaning of the Locks and Locksmithing.
Now here is the glimpse of few of the Locksmith who really challenged the way the Locks were made and were very durable and tough to break in locksmith west ealing.

Following are the Famous Locksmiths Of 18th Century:

Joseph Bramah

Famous Locksmiths: king lock and safe
king lock and safe

In year 1784, Joseph Bramah made Bramah Locks system, the one of the very 1st and best locks ever known to world. Likewise he threw an open challenge to world open break his lock. For 67 year nobody was able to break the lock his system, until in year 1851, an Americal Locksmith did it, but it took him 51 hours (in 16 days) to open his lock locksmith sw3.

Jeremiah Chubb

Famous Locksmiths: king safe and lock
king safe and lock

The Jeremiah Chubb, another Englishman, patented a detector lock in 1818. This  lock had six levers and won him fame and some fortune!

Locks used to made out of wood. Because they have frustrated, confused, confounded and amazed people ever since. Locks have made people and their companies rich and made billions of people safe and secure. Locks have changed a great deal over the last 200 years or so!

Inventor of 1st of its kind of lock system, which detects if someone is trying to break in the lock system, lock will jam itself. Even so the lock mechanism also made that if someone tried to break the lock and touch the special lever it jam the whole process, and not open until only the original or special Master key used to unlock in other direction of that lock.

James Sargent

Famous Locksmiths: yale padlocks history
yale padlocks history

The First one to introduce a Combination Lock. Further this Lock also widely used as very Safe locks. James Sargent started manufacturing locks under the company name S&G Locks, and are still selling S&G Locks products through various associated Distributors.

Samuel Segal – Lock History

best lock in the world
best lock in the world

It’s when a police officers thought of protecting its people from thieves. Samuel Segal invented a lock which was so tough enough to be broken by any person or thief locksmith highbury.

Harry Soref – Famous Locksmiths

yale locks history
yale locks history

Inventor of very first PadLock. Harry Soref wanted to make an affordable Lock in price which is not just handy or portable and easy to use in daily life but is also hard to break by any one locksmith highbury.
So every-time you lock your door with an handy lock say thanks to Harry Soref.

ROBERT BARRON – Famous Locksmiths

Schneider Locksmith in New York is famous in New York States, but this is a famous company, not a famous person.  A famous locksmith of years gone by was Robert Barron, an Englishman. He greatly improved the security of the lock itself when he invented the double tumbler lock in 1778.

tumbler lock uses levers to trap the bolt in the lock. The double tumbler locks require the lever to be lifted by a given amount to allow the bolt to slide past due to a slot in the lever. This lock is still in use in the present day locksmith west ealing.

But A lever lock normally uses a bitted key.  Then the bit is the part of the key that actually engages with the lock’s locking mechanism.

HARRY HOUDINI – Houdini Locksmith

An extremely famous houdini locksmiths, more well-known for his escapology skills, was Harry Houdini. In reality he magic shows centred on his ability to escape from, apparently, the most secure of padlocks and chains! His ability to escape was due to his extraordinary skills as a lockpicker locksmith highbury! So Houdini audiences would look on in amazement as he escaped from more and more precarious situations!


The King of France, Louis XVI, was a somewhat surprising outstanding locksmith. However, he was more famous for being the only French king ever to be executed – by the guillotine, which chopped off his head in 1793!!

Thus other French locksmiths were more known for the elaborate design and artwork in their locks, which reflected the French desire for art and beauty at the time.

LINUS YALE – Yale Locks History

Famous Locksmith

In yale locks history the most famous American locksmith is, without a doubt, Linus Yale, Jr. He invented the pin-tumbler lock and also founded the Yale Lock Manufacturing Company. Furthermore, they also know as yale padlocks history. Generally the pin-tumbler lock uses pins of differing lengths to stop the lock from opening without the correct key. Basically cylinder lock design still widely used today, and is the most common lock on personal locks and safes. Yale’s father operated a lock shop in New York, which specialized in bank locks. Jr Yale joined his father’s business and later invented revolutionary locks using cylinders and permutations. Hence Yale developed numerous new lock inventions during his career and became very famous for his lock products.

So, you can see that there are a number of famous locksmiths – 2 of whom – Chubb and Yale- you probably see every day when you use locks in your life locksmith sw3!

Locksmith Careers


Who is the greatest locksmith in the world?

Linus Yale Jr.

Linus Yale Jr. is the greatest locksmith in American history, Linus Yale Jr.’s father was also the best locksmith in New York. Yale Jr.’s father created a design for the lock. Linus Yale Jr. took that design and perfected the modern pin-tumbler lock mechanism, now used as a combination lock for many bank vaults, and Linus Yale Jr. invented the cylinder lock.

Was Louis XVI a locksmith?

King Louis XVI
Locksmith King Louis XVI was the husband of Marie Antoinette. It turns out that King Louis XVI, was an amateur locksmith. So he built his own security cabinets and loved mechanical things.

Who was a famous locksmith?

Yale’s father was an expert in making bank locks, so Linus Yale Jr. also made a name for himself in the locking industry. Linus Yale invented the pin tumbler cylinder lock and obtained a patent for the pin tumbler cylinder lock. Carrying on his father’s legacy, he made a big name.

What famous magician was a locksmith first?

From the age of 11, Houdini began working at a very young age for a local locksmith and was soon able to pick any lock. After reading a memoir by the famous French magician Houdin, Houdini decided to follow his career path.

Who invented locksmithing?

Harry Soreff was born in the year 1887. But as a young man, Soref worked as an itinerant locksmith in Mexico, the United States, and Canada to earn a living. The inventor would miniaturize the security of a bank vault into an everyday padlock.

How to Become a Locksmith?

  • Join a training program.
  • After that participate in an apprenticeship.
  • Get your license in applicable districts and states.
  • Work for a locksmith company.
  • Develop locksmith skills.
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