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You left your keys right there on the table, but you lost keys, where could they be? Misplacing items is a normal phenomenon for all human beings. Simply put, it is an everyday occurrence. Interestingly, find lost keys is a vicious cycle, and it is a quest that can more difficult to achieve than doing a Christmas shopping for an entire clan.

If you have find lost keys, do not worry. The most important thing to remember is that everyone does it, hence you should not spend momentous time blaming or cursing yourself in such a situation. What then, should you do?

Lost keys can be found. They might be an untraceable treasure that demand for time and perseverance in order to be found. The following are recommendations by some top US-based locksmiths that will help your recover your lost keys.

Stay calm and find lost keys

find lost keys: Finding your keys
Finding your keys

The vastest mistake that most people do when they lose their keys is to get angry with themselves and panic.  This leads to unfocused searching which can make ir extremely difficult to find them. Stay calm, and keep searching. Engrave it in your mind that what you have done is not an unforgivable mistake, but something that others do every now and then.

Try to relax and remember all the places you have been to, and narrow down to the places you might have emptied your pockets and dropped the keys. Make non-distress phone calls. If you are calm, you will be surprised to find your keys in the funniest of all places such as in your handbag, or in your trousers’ back pocket.

Find lost keys Search in unusual places

how to find lost remote car key
How to find lost remote car key

Yes, most of our lost items are found in the weirdest places. The most professional US locksmiths, who are out to serve the people with due diligence and not mint money from unsuspecting stressed people ask their clients to look for lost keys in places they think they don’t need to look in before they can settle for a replacement, which can be an  expensive venture.

Look for your keys in the bath tab, behind the TV, under the carpet, under your pillow, in the car trunk, on the shelves, and in any other unusual place in your premises.

Be conscious that your mind might trick you to find lost keys

find lost keys: what to do when you lose your keys
what to do when you lose your keys

When you have lost your keys, your mind might introduce false memory that will take you of the track. You might lose the keys in your office, but the mind might introduce a notion in you that you left them in your car. If you are looking for the keys with your friends or family members, do not use lead questions such as, “when was the last time you saw them?” instead, ask, “remember when you last gave me the keys at the parking lot?” this way, you will most certainly be able to trace your steps.

If you have searched everywhere and you cannot find a trace, use this last resort;

Call a locksmith


When things get tough, you must get tough in order for you to get going. If it becomes difficult for you to find lost keys, experts recommend that you call a locksmith for a lock replacement, or key-duplication services. This might cost you money but honestly, it is worth the hassle. If you happen to find the keys after the service, do not perplex your mind with regrets, instead, thank the heavens that you will now have spare keys to your car or premises.

Choose a best dedicated spot

where did i put my keys
where did i put my keys

So today, I have another another another five minutes a life hack for you. We’ll dive into it pretty quickly. But before we get started, um the life hack is how to stop losing your keys.  So to dive right in to how to stop losing your keys. I have a couple of tips for you.

The biggest one, which I know you’ve heard a million times already. Is to just have a common place, where you put your keys. But no one ever actually tells you. How to do that? So the biggest thing that has helped me in not losing my keys anymore.

 I have this really cute chalkboard in my entryway. It’s literally the first thing, I see when I walk into my house opening my front door. It has little hooks on it. Hence it has a little chalkboard, which I do fun little seasonal things. Which I often forget to change right now mine still says joy to the were with some Christmas trees on it. I got a neck cramp after starting CrossFit like 75% of the way through creating that chalkboard just says joy to the were.

Kensington locksmith

 I’ve been meaning to change it for a while it’s almost the fourth of July. I’ll probably change it to something fourth of July. But that is a really fun really nice easy way to make sure that you always know where your keys are. Just get a little thing to go in your entryway. Whether that be a little chalkboard like the one. I have putting a little dinner on your entry table specifically for your keys. Just something where there is a visual reminder to put them. Because you can have an idea like, oh I’m just going to throw them on this table. But oftentimes when there’s not that visual reminder to kind of like catch your eye. And be like oh yeah these go here, they can tend to get lost.

So I definitely recommend having some more specific to put them or something to put them in as opposed to just having a random place. Where you set them, if that makes sense. For example instead of you know like I said just putting them on the table or putting them in a cupboard have a little dish that they go in or a little hook specifically for that. Because then it’ll start to kind of train your brain, oh when we see this.

Closest locksmith

 Our keys have to go there and that has been an absolute game changer my husband, who it’s like the most organized person. I know it’s constantly losing his keys, because bless his sweet little heart. He refuses to just consistently put them in the same place, whereas me. I who am like struggling to be a functioning adult. Which isn’t really true. I don’t care myself enough credit. I’m doing okay, I’m doing all right. I have a lot more chaos going on in my brain than. He does I always know where my keys are same thing with my wedding rings. Which I have not lost because I always put them in the same place. But that’s another story for another time.

Use the help of technology

find lost keys: how to find keys
How to find keys

My most important technological tip for not losing your keys is, to get some sort of a tracker or locator and attach it to your keys. I have the tile, I believe it’s like the tile pro. I think it’s discontinued now. It’s really cute and pretty it’s like white and gold and it is Bluetooth.

So it connects to my phone and when I lose my keys. I can go into the tile app blue okay. Second steps go into the tile app. when I lose my keys and if they are within range of my Bluetooth. After that I can hit a button and they will make this cute little like chirpy noise pen fun. I actually had the chirping noise for the tile stuck in my. For like two days straight the other day. what’s also really cool about the tile and there are a couple different brands out there.

Locksmith croydon

But tiles the only one I actually have personally used. Is it has a feature in the app where your phone it’ll show you. How close you are to the device I. It’ll I’ll put up an example on the screen but as you get closer and closer to your device. It’ll show you like a warmer getting warmer getting warmer until, you’re right on top of what you lost. So for example the other day I lost my keys. They were in the grass in front of my in-laws house.

Somehow, I think I had the dogs with me. I was kind of struggling to keep everyone together for some reason. But I couldn’t hear them and I couldn’t hear the chirp. So that doesn’t really help me and they were in the grass. Why am I gonna look in the grass so I was able to use the feature that shows me how close I am. To kind of like warmer colder, warmer colder find my keys in the grass. So there are two little mechanisms to keep you from using losing your keys and that is pretty much it so.  

Use memory techniques

missing key
missing key

How to remember where you left something not only will I be telling you. How to remember, where you put something. But I’ll also be telling you how to not forget it the next time. Let’s get right to it. So let’s say that, you can’t remember where you put your cell phone. What you want to do? Is you want to think back? Where was the last time that? You remember using your cell phone. Let’s say it was before you left. Work in the car, before you started driving. You sent the text message. Now from there, you’re gonna think of any significant moments from that moment. Until the present moment.    

So for instance, you started the engine okay. You still had your cell phone at that point and you know that for the whole car ride home. If you didn’t get out of the car, that your cell phone was probably somewhere in the car. Now when you came inside the house, did you have your cell phone in your head. Do you remember having your cell phone in your hand. If you don’t remember go into the car and check the entire car area. If you can’t find lost keys it.

There then go and start retracing your steps in the house to where you are now. Do you remember unlocking the door, look Around. Where you unlock the door. Maybe you place, your keys on the counter look around. The counter area retrace their steps and look in depth at each area. At each during each significant moment or significant event look in those areas.

Locksmith egham

And you will likely be able to find lost keys that you forgot. Where you place it’s very simple just retrace the steps. But start from the last moment that you remember having or using the object. Then work your way forward searching each area of each significant event. Driving home unlocking the door, putting your keys on the counter sitting on the couch cooking dinner. Just retrace the steps and check each area. So that’s the easiest way to remember where you left something remember, where you put something and to find lost keys whatever it is that you lost. Now here’s a little trick to not let it happen again in the future.  

Oftentimes we continually lose the same things for some people. This may be car keys, for others this may be a cell phone, for other people this may be a purse. But constantly most of the time people will lose the same thing. They’ll forget where they place the same object and those are three common items that people commonly misplace a cell phone, car keys are general keys and a purse.

Locksmiths birmingham

Now the next time that you are placing down the object that you commonly misplace. You’re gonna think as you place it down, that you’re not just placing it down. And you’re placing it down and it’s actually breaking. Then after you’re gonna imagine that, it’s shattering. So if you’re placing your car keys down on the counter. Then when you place them down on the counter you’re gonna imagine that your car keys are breaking as you place them down.

Then when you can’t remember where you place the car keys? You’re gonna think not where did I place my car keys. You’re gonna be thinking where did I Maiki shatter and immediately you’re gonna remember. There on the counter if you constantly lose your cell phone and you’re tossing your cell phone onto the couch. When you toss it onto the couch. You’re gonna make a conscious effort to imagine the cell phone breaking right as the lands on the couch. When you can’t find your cell phone you’re gonna think, where did I leave my cell phone.

locksmiths stretford

No you’re not gonna think that you’re gonna think, where did I visualize my cell phone shattering.   If you constantly lose your purse. You’re gonna, when you place your purse down. you’re gonna Majan the whole / shattering and breaking or maybe even that the straps breaking off. Then you’re gonna think, when you can’t find your purse. Where did I visualize those straps breaking off weird one. Where did I visualize my purse breaking.
Lost Keys

It’s literally that simple in this article. I have told you how to remember. Where you put something or where you left something and how to make sure that it doesn’t happen again in the future. It is a very simple memory technique retrace your steps. Find whatever it is that you were looking for and if you constantly lose that thing or if you think you might lose it again or misplace it again then just visualize it breaking as you place it down. It adds an extra layer of memory to your mind of where you placed the object  

What's the best way to find lost keys?

Find lost keys

  • Stay calm and keep searching your lost keys.
  • Lost keys Search in unusual places.
  • Call a locksmith.
  • Use the help of technology.
  • Use memory techniques.
  • Look in Proximity.
  • Ask Others.

Where are you most likely to find lost keys?

You have to remember where you left something. It is an easy memory technique that you can use to not only remember where you left something, but ensure that you don’t forget the next time.

Many people constantly lose the same things (car keys, purse, cell phone, etc.), but this method will allow you to always remember where you put things!

Can you track lost keys?

Yes, we can track lost keys using Key Finder app.

Is there an app to find lost keys?

There are various key finder apps available in market.

  • Esky Key Finder
  • Tile Pro
  • Chipolo One
  • KeyRinger
  • Tile Mate
  • Key_Fob
  • The Toyota Key Finder

Is there a way to locate a lost key fob?

Key_Fob is BLE based device which can be used as TAG to our important gadgets, and can be used to detect devices by generating alerts.

Do key finders work?

Yes, many key finder uses utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 technology to track your lost or misplaced items. In a short to medium range distance. This Bluetooth range falls anywhere between around 30 feet on the shorter end and up to 100 feet on the medium range distance.

Now don’t worry, if you have lost an item that’s beyond at 100 foot range that’s considered a long-distance item. key finders does have a large global network that will help you track your item down.

Do key fobs have GPS?

No, key fobs does not have GPS system.

Essentially four buttons on the key fob.

  • Lock button
  • Unlock button
  • Trunk button
  • Panic button

Can metal detectors find keys?

Yes, metal detectors also used to find keys. Because basically all keys are made up of metal material and metal detectors detect them easily.

What do you do when you lose your house keys?

Lose your house keys

First drill start with smallest bits size 2-3mm exactly middle of key placing holder. Apply drill force firmly! The bit going cut through several pieces of internal pins and springs.

Change the bit size to next big size (4mm).Once the bit went through some of the pins, Now clear the path with steel pin, there will be metal debris. Try with the different door lock key. If there’s any movement of cylinder.

Measure the length of key, To drill still that length. Try to remove those separated copper pins with a head ‘L’ shape steel pin. The cylinder gets free from internal pin lock mechanism. Now! use the other key and rotate it! the door lock will open!

What does it mean when you keep losing keys?

You are losing key again and again it means you are not having stable mind. you may have some health related issue.

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