Pros and Cons of the Magnetic Keyed Lock

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Today we will be examining the magnetic keyed lock. We will talk about it’s pro’s and cons and even take the time machine all the way back to 2005 where we take a look at a retro lock that people were using back then.

In the last 10 years Electro-Magnetic locks system (MAGLOCKS) is being mostly used too much, and although there is surely a use for them in the market location. They have their some limitations also, and in some examples must not used at all.

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locksmith croydon

Maglocks are economically and easy installed with a L or ZL bracket on most wooden or aluminum  doors, as well as steel gates. But there is no want to cut into the aluminum where under normal circumstances limited tools. And also a some amount of skill required to install a electrical mechanical lock – which most fitters do not have. Hence they install a maglock regardless if it is correct for the application or not. Fundamental rule of thumb is not to install a maglock where the cabling is reveal.

There are several divergence between a electric lock as well as  a maglock. Moreover, one of the biggest divergence is the fact that an electric lock works on a generally open electrical circuit, where the magnetic lock works on a generally closed circuit.

Electrical lock

What this means that there no power to a electrical lock and only once the release button pressed or the Electro-Magnetic locks  system activated. In any another way, the circuitry fully closed and the pulse of power to the electric lock permits the cylinoid to free the deadbolt and the lock kicks gets open. Hence, if there is a electricity failure the lock stays forever closed and can only opened manually with a key.

A maglock should have power on it any time to stay closed and as soon as there is a electricity failure, it will automatically open. Correspondingly if the cable to the maglock is not invisible out of sight, it can be destroyed and the door/ gate will open. Even if the electricity to an electric lock is cut, the gate/ door remains closed. This is one of the biggest drawback of a magnetic lock.

The magnetic keyed lock uses (surprise, surprise) magnets for the locking and unlocking mechanism. A magnetic key use magnetic force to manipulate the tumblers inside a locking mechanism, as opposed to a traditional key which uses mechanical force.

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locksmith farnham

Here’s an ad copy for a magnetic padlock made by Hamilton & CO. back in 2006. The writing will actually be a logical segue into discussing the pro and cons of the magnetic lock.


It’s Pick Proof, burglar proof, and the magnetic bar “keys“ cannot be duplicated! Relax in knowing you are secure. The locks were manufactured using 10,000 different magnetic “combinations“. The “keys” will only open the lock they come with. Protect your storefront, house valuables, or anything you needs to be kept safe from thieves! It’s reliable and won’t freeze up. How do you open it? It opens with one of the two magnetic bar “keys.” Place and hold one of the bar “keys” in the groove on the side of the lock, and pull up the shackle. Sleep in comfort knowing you and your assets are out of harm’s way. Use it on gates, the garage, a shed, a gym locker.–anything that needs a secure lock. The lock cannot be opened with a magnet! Get that protection you need right now!

Judge the excellent advantages of magnetic keyed lock

magnetic keyed lock:emergency locksmith croydon
emergency locksmith croydon

Modern and luxurious designs

Door locks using magnetic cards have multiple designs, modern and luxurious designs. Together with that, the lock material made of extremely super-tough hard alloy to help the lock become suitable and firm for so many interior spaces.

Absolute high security and safety:

The door lock install a high grade magnetic card with extremely high security, hence it is so difficult to copy. A lot of thanks to the extremely high security of the magnetic card lock code, most of the individuals are using it in place of mechanical locks.

Long-lasting of magnetic card door lock:

You can install a magnetic card lock for decennary without fear of broken. furthermore, thanks to the most useful stainless steel row material, the magnetic card door lock never rusts or corrodes, even after when using extremely strong force to it, the saw tools is also “incapable of being influence”.

Fast, easy and convenient to manage:

You just want to place the magnetic card in the correct place to scan the magnetic card, and the door will instantly open without spending much effort or time. Simultaneously, you can also manage the information stored in the door lock using the magnetic card simply.

This product description is quite energetic! And it does mention some of the pros of having a magnetic keyed lock. One of the pros is that it does prevent people from compromising the lock with traditional lock picking methods. The lack of a keyhole doesn’t allow lock picks inside to manipulate any part of the locking mechanism.

A pretty cool feature is how the magnetic key itself works. The magnetic key is shaped like a bar of metal, and have magnetics oriented in opposite polarities and strengths along the length of the car. The opposite polarity will either exert a push or pull force upon the tumblers, and with proper amount of force to deactivate the locking mechanism. The different orientation of polarity and magnet strengths means there are thousands of unique combinations of keys.

What are the drawbacks of using a magnetic keyed lock?

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emergency locksmith birmingham

Besides the advantages of “Low price”, door locks using magnetic cards also have some drawbacks:

The fitting of a door lock using a magnetic card is so much difficult and takes a lot of long time:

You want to correctly fit the latch lock, the front of the lock and the back of the lock correctly. If fitted incorrectly, the lock will not work properly. Preferably, you must contact to a professional and well trained locksmith, do not “purposelessly” because it is simple to broken the whole lock.

Magnetic card door lock is so hard to repair and time consuming:

If regrettably the magnetic door lock broken, if you do not have the professional, you must not repair it yourself. Had to “hook the wallet” to hire a best locksmith.

The cost of a door lock using a magnetic card is simply high:

If you need to select a lock with a affordable cost, you cannot select a door lock using a magnetic card. Because it rate so many times more than a mechanical lock and key.
Unfortunately for how ingenious the mechanism for the magnetic lock is, the effectiveness of the lock itself maybe in question. Checking out this forum thread on, I noticed that pretty much every poster had figured out a way to crack the lock. I won’t go into detail about how it’s done, that’s not really the point of the article, but it seems that the security of the lock may not be as undefeatable as the product description claimed. Maybe I won’t get to sleep as comfortably as the description assured me.

What must be well known when using magnetic keyed lock for hotels?

magnetic keyed lock: emergency locksmith birmingham
emergency locksmith birmingham

As a lock with a high cost, you want to pay extra attention to the maintaining and use the door lock by using magnetic cards so correctly to raise the durability of the lock. Must remember:

– Do not break or bend the magnetic card because it will impossible to use the card reader to open lock it.

–Avoid leaving the magnetic card in places with humidity or high temperature and do not wet the magnetic card. Because magnetic cards contain pin codes and microchips, humid and hot conditions will cause the card to broken and lose its ability to open lock.
Pros and cons of the magnetic keyed lock

– Avoid placing the magnetic card together with keys , cutlery or nail clippers because it can happened the magnetic card to broken, scratched and lose information on the card.

– Stay away from electronic equipment such as computers, phones and radios, … because they can cause the magnetic card to information disordered.

–Check and clean the door lock using a magnetic card on regularly basis, if there is any issue, it should corrected absolutely promptly.

In Summary
It seems like the magnetic key lock will have some security advantages, your average opportunity criminal may not have the tools and knowhow to compromise your lock. But you might not want to use it to protect your brief case full of weapons grade plutonium. I mean you can if you want, I’m not a national security advisor, I’m just giving my opinion… sheez!

Are magnetic locks any good?

Magnetic Locks

It can highly durable and strong, lasting a long time. Magnetic Locks be placed on a wide various types of glass doors, even home doors. These locks often need very less cutting of the entry door frame during installation. Magnetic Locks reduced the risk of lost and stolen keys/fobs, reducing security threats.

Are magnetic door locks secure?

Magnetic Keyed Lock or Maglocks are fail to safe, while electric strikes are normally fail to secure. In alternative words: Magnetic locks need extra power to closed the door, whereas electric locks wants power to open lock the door.

Are magnetic locks strong?

Benefits. Strong security – Magnetic locks can withstand up to twelve hunred pounds of force, suppling great protection for secure location. Double sided security – Magnetic locks can control all access on both sides of the home door, unlike electric locks strikes which only secure only one side.

What happens to a magnetic lock when the power goes out?

If power is cut, then the door will become open locked. (Typically Magnetic Locks) “Fail to Secure” needs power to open lock the home door. If power is cut, then the home door will remain locked.

How do you open a magnetic door lock without a key?

On the inside of the door
For example, you can use a HID-card-reader to unlock a magnetic card lock, push the home door buttons or press the door lock handle. If that unsuccessful, use a small size and thin locksmith tool to press the handle of the magnetic card lock.

Can a magnet unlock a deadbolt?

A magnet cannot entirely open a deadbolt

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