Welcome to iyvplus10.org, heard the term slim jim? Not an underweight James or a piece of jerky. It’s actually a thin metal tool to slide down between the frame and window of a car door to open the door when the keys has been locked inside the car. You can legally buy slim jims, resulting in the automotive industry adding extra protection mechanisms to make entry to a car by this means more difficult.

What about the electric lock pick gun? They can be used to open the most popular locks in the USA – pin tumbler locks. The metal needles in the guns vibrate the pins upward, to open the lock.

clutch head screw is  a threaded screw with a chamfered rear face that allows fixed clockwise action but prevents the screwdriver applying torque when trying to undo the screws. They normally have to be drilled out to remove them. This makes the clutch head screw tamper-proof, so potential intruders can’t undo them.

Try pronouncing the term escutcheon. Impress your friends, and learn what it is!. An escutcheon is the cover for the key hole of a lock, like a mortice / mortise.

Locksmiths need to be familiar with all the terms of the locksmithing trade. It also really helps if their customers understand the terms as well. These terms are required to be known and used when ordering new or replacement lock parts. If the customer is experiencing a problem with his locks, it is useful if he can describe the parts and the mechanism.

It is an advantage to become familiar with the trade’s books and publications and the terms they contain, even before becoming a certified locksmith. Technology development requires regular training as it evolves so quickly. Ongoing training and continuous education are key components of the dedicated locksmith’s service and development.

If you’re a great locksmith mechanic but struggle with spelling or language then have a dictionary at hand to help with the paperwork associated with your job. Giving the proper perception on paper is important for any successful business. If you need to send a letter to other businesses, your poor grammar and spelling will give a negative impression of your business.

Other interesting locksmith terms include sash (the movable part of a window), rose (a round lock fitting), and bitting (a depth of key cut on a cylinder key). Some of these terms seem very amusing and add some spice to the language. More importantly, they add a touch of class to the locksmith who can use them wisely.