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Locksmiths deal with a wide variety of lock businesses in their work. So here are some of the big names in the lock companies :

romans locksmith
romans locksmith

Locks used in so many parts of our everyday living. Also we use them for our home doors, cars, offices, patio sliding doors, safes, mail boxes, bicycle locks, gun cabinets, drawers, furniture, lockers and even tool sheds. Hence there is probably a lock in every room of your house! Locksmiths required to learn about each brand, the differences, the similarities, the tricks to each brand as well as a bit about their background, and more importantly, which is the most appropriate brand in a particular situation.

locksmith west ealing

Burglars often break into, and steal from, residences by forcing or breaking the locks, so every locksmith needs to know how to repair the lock damage caused by a burglary. Because this may include replacing the lock hardware that damaged. After that if a locksmith does not supply the customer’s preferred brand , they must know how and where to source it, how to install it and also know of reliable or better substitutes.

Yale Locks

metropolitan locksmith
metropolitan locksmith

Yale is one of the oldest international brands and most respected and well-known companies in the lock industry, having produced the first compact cylinder pin lock in the 1840’s. Identically Yale manufactures and distributes door locks, padlocks, digital door locks, safes, door handles, alarms and much more. Presently there are literally millions and millions of Yale locks in use today. After all every locksmith in the world will know the Yale name!

locksmith highbury

The Yale lock organization, some of our favorite and latest technology types of locks define metal detecting.  Likewise Yale is one of the oldest well know famous international brands in the world and one of the best-known names in the locking industry. Nor the Yale family history captures major most important innovations that have only marked the evolution not just of Yale, but of the entire whole world locking industry. All in all Yale lock companies has its roots in colonial America country.

yale locks history
yale locks history

After that the Yale family decided to relocate to the new world from North Wales. So a few Yale generations later about year1840 – Yale senior became manufacturing and designing a series of innovative very high security locks at his Yale lock shop in Newport New York. Also he expertized in expensive handmade bank locks. Thus Yale junior was also experimenting with a lock based system on mechanism based on a mechanism 1st employed by the ancient Egyptians over 4000 years ago.

locksmith sw2

In 1861 and 1865, granted patents, Yale lastly succeeded in inventing his most important invention. The Yale cylinder lock system Linus Yale jr. transformed the locking industry  for forever with his many breakthrough creations relying. Correspondingly on Yale granted patents Yale’s sterling name and sheer ingenuity. Meanwhile Yale junior and his colleague Henry Towne established the Yale and Towne organization in the year1868.

king safe and lock
king safe and lock

During that time employing thirty-five people, the organization broaden and grew and broadened its scope within manually operated chain hoists battery app powered platform trucks and 1879 year a line of padlocks was introduced by Yale. Moreover Yale in town was purchased a Norton door so closer organization and Yvonne limited was agent in the early twentieth century.

Similarly the organization expanded worldwide & employed more than 12,000 employees throughout the 20th century purchases acquisitions. And co-operative with brands as goalie shell blocks Parker’s & Cee Marshall have made Yale locks well known worldwide. Hence and August 2000 yell was purchased by asset ABLOY. The world’s famous leading lock group.  

Weiser Locks

Weiser Locks makes what is called “fashionable door wear“- handles, levers, deadbolts and other locks. Their locks are regularly featured in Hollywood films and used in the homes of its stars. They also manufacture a touchpad electronic deadbolt with temporary access allowed for service personnel, such as cleaners and babysitters.

yale padlocks history
yale padlocks history

At Wiser have been making all kind of door locks since year 1904. So we know what’s the most important to Canadians 1st and foremost a locks job work is to protect your house and your loved ones too. Weiser’s patented product called smart key technology protects against picking bumping and other break-in latest techniques. Wiser locks are guaranteed  and tested to last a lifetime even in Canada’s harshest environments.

They have over 50 Canadian people driven designs to please all kind of styles and tastes not sure. Who still has a key to your home want to operate all of your door locks with the same single key with Weiser’s patented smart key latest technology. you can copy key your locks yourself in few seconds and we never stop leading with new cutting-edge smart lock innovations. It’s hardly surprising Canadians trust wiser more than any other brand of door locks wiser house smart home you.   

Master Lock Companies

The Master Lock brand has been around since 1921 and is probably present in nearly every house in America.  They manufacture a full range of locks for the home, schools, businesses and many industries. Every locksmith will know and use the Master Lock brand.

best lock in the world
best lock in the world

Master lock it was 100 years ago in year 1921. The company was established by locksmith harry soroff a russian immigrant. Also he invented the lamination method of building tough lock bodies. Which allowed the firm to build strong steel locks without the any expense of machining a block of solid steel. These laminated steel locks are really what put the organization on the map.

locksmith hampton

So it’s certainly fitting that the model year 1921. Limited edition lock the organization made to celebrate 100 years. Uses that laminated construction under the plastic weather shield. Now one would think that in a lock designed to commemorate a 100 year history. So the organization would want to put its best foot forward. But they did something that still has me scratching my head.

This lock system contains a core with six pin Chambers. But there’s only single pins in four of them and to make matters worse pin stack number four. On this lock system has a driver pin that’s very short allowing us to just ignore it. So from a picker’s perspective a three pin lock though all three are security pins.  

Kwikset Lock Companies

Kwikset manufactures residential door locks and other door hardware, such as door knobs, deadbolts, door levers, keyless entry locks, handle sets and pocket door hardware. The Kwikset brand products are very popular. Keyless entry has been a huge new market for most locksmiths in recent years.

There’s hardly a house door that Kwikset can’t make more attractive and secure.. For 70 years Kwikset has meant peace  and security of mind for thousands of families. Not surprisingly more citizen trust their home doors, inside & out, to Kwikset. It all started with entrepreneurs Karl Rhinehart  & Adolf Schoepe.

king lock and safe
king lock and safe

Karl Rhinehart  & Adolf Schoepe revolutionize residential lock design by pioneering a tubular lock—named “Kwikset” to underscore its speedy installation. Thus a state of the art producing facility is invented to meet post war housing boom needs for a dependable, fast & easily installed lockset.

Also Kwikset becomes a subordinate of American Hardware Corporation (AHC) of New Britain, CT. AHC leads the industrial & commercial lockset industry, while Kwikset continues to forge onwards with the residential market. Meanwhile Company becomes the number 1 producer of residential door locksets, a title it has held subsequently.

pimlico locksmith

Moreover a Kwikset launches its legendary “K” key design, & follows with a complete long lasting plastic coating for its bronze & brass finished locksets. After that the Kwikset becomes a innovator in the hardware lockset industry by pioneering free-standing, point-of-purchase dealer for their complete line of residential hardware. Also introduced is a new overall keying kit for all Kwikset lock brands.

Then Kwikset launched “Kwik-See” clear packaging & wins 1st place awards in virtually every category of dealership. Most important the American Hardware Corporation merges with Emhart Manufacturing Corporation & Kwikset expands its manufacturing facilities to meet increasing industrial demands.

locksmith st johns wood

Black & Decker purchases Emhart, involving its Kwikset division. Kwikset continues to be an industry leader in creating new advanced level of products. The Kwikset Denison, TX facility broke ground & since then, there have been two plant enlargement. Kwikset Denison creating component parts for Kwikset lock-sets, Black & Decker tools & Price-Pfister faucets,. Thus the company is the largest zinc user in the USA.

After that 40 years of leading the market in opening cost point locksets for residential apartment construction, Kwikset develops its high-security, higher-quality Titan product line. Particularly targeted to experience client demanding very high quality in each and every purchased product, the Titan line is heralded with effective marketing program & a new direction.

SentrySafe Lock Companies

harry locksmith
harry locksmith

SentrySafe is famous for its range of safes. For over 80 years, they have built fire-resistant safes that provide security and protection for important documents, valuables and irreplaceable personal items.

Founded in year 1930, SentrySafe company is a global leader in offering security storage and fire-resistant  solutions for important valuables and documents. SentrySafe produces and distributes fire-resistant chests, files, security and safes storage containers to more than 54 countries worldwide. An affiliate of the Master-Lock Organization, SentrySafe is the personal safe brand in the organization portfolio.

The Master-Lock firm is recognized around the world as the authentic, enduring name in padlocks and security products. The Master Lock firm offers a broad range of innovative safety and security solutions for clients, commercial, and industrial end-users. Master-Lock firm LLC is an operating unit of Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc., a leading costumer brands firm

American Lock Companies

lock picker near me
lock picker near me

American Lock manufactures locks for outdoor and industrial security and a wide range of padlocks.

Besides the regular locks on outdoor equipment, some equipment has built-in ignition locks, eg. power boats, lawnmowers, dirt bikes, four wheelers and a variety of other valuable items that require keys to start. Locksmiths must be knowledgeable about lock brands used in outdoor equipment, as they are likely to be called for lock outs, lost or damaged keys or key cutting for these locks as well.

lock making

Besides working with these lock names in their business, a locksmith may also seek employment with one of the lock manufacturing companies. For example, Sentry offers excellent benefits and perks to their employees. Some of these include discounted insurance rates, pre-paid legal services, dry cleaning services and even on-site fitness centers.

So there are a wide range of lock brands and companies that a good locksmith needs to be familiar with so that he can not only repair or replace each brand product, but can also use his professional judgement to advice customers on the most appropriate product for their situation.

Locksmith Secrets

What is the best lock brand?

The Schlage B60N model number is a residential version of a high-security deadbolt door lock. It is rated Grade one by ANSI/BHMA, meaning it has passed the same prying, hammering, picking, sawing and kicking tests as the toughest heavy-security locks that Schlage produces.


Unique and simple Snap & Stay™ design
Simple installation: One-person project; one hands needed
ANSI Grade 1–professional grade security
Fine Biggest adjustable bolt available
Bump and Pick resistant
Number 1 Residential Door Lock
Suitable to fit all standard door preparations
Quality finishes for lasting beauty
Mechanical guarantee and lifetime finish
Many finishes available


Deadbolt thrown or retracted by key from inside or by outside thumbturn.
Bolt automatically deadlocks when fully thrown
Door thickness 1-3/8′ – 1-3/4′
Backset: 2-3/8′ – 2-3/4′
Throw: 9/16′
Strike reinforcer with 3′ screws
Strike: 1-1/8′ x 2-3/4′ round corner
Extra Large thumbturn
Keyed Alike
Keyway: SC1 / SC4
Certifications: Grade one BHMA requirements

What companies make locks?

  • Schlage Lock Company
  • Kwikset Corporation
  • Baldwin Hardware Corporation
  • Allegion
  • Dormakaba Group USA
  • Micro Plastics, Inc.
  • DoorKing, Inc.
  • TriMark Corporation
  • VSR Industries
  • Hansen International, Inc.

What is the most common lock brand?

The Kwikset Halo Smart Lock is a best well known feature rich smart lock. It help to supports up to 250 user codes and access, lock status, codes and monitoring can all be done from your smart phone. The Kwikset Halo is programmed from your mobile phone via wifi, but a few necessary features require a Bluetooth connection. It is easy and simple to install the Kwikset app intuitively guides your through installation. The Kwikset Halo works with Google assistant and Alexa voice commands.

Schlage, Emtek, Baldwin, Yale brands are commonly used by people.

How do I know my lock brand?

Step 1: Basically lock brand name may appear on the metal plating on the edge of the home door. In case of a 3-point-locking system door, the lock brand name may printed on top or bottom metal plating.

Step 2: Search for the Lock brand name on the escutcheon plate that may appear on the front of the door.

What locks are made in USA?

All kind of padlocks locks are made in USA. Made in USA padlocks are 100% manufactured and assembled in America. These padlocks are designed for exterior use with a solid brass body, solid brass cylinder and internal components, and a solid stainless steel shackle.

Who makes the highest quality door hardware?

Yale Lock Company, provide highest quality of door hardware.

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