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Many home owners out there right now wondering if the home security system they have installed onto their houses are actually keeping them safe or not. So if somebody interested in whether or not home security systems actually work, then you will want to read this article as it should give you the answers you are seeking.

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The next fact is even scarier believe it or not. The facts above were scary but they child’s play compared to this fact which will blow you out of the water. And this important even if you think that you never robbed. But after you learn this fact, and then you may end up changing that mindset of yours. In America around 80% of citizens will become the victim of burglary at least once in their lives, and as you can see that an extremely scary thought and a very scary statistic.

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Those facts alone should be able to convince you to start thinking getting yourself a top notch home security system. These security systems do protect your home and it is important that you are taking every single measure possible to ensure that you are able to keep your house safe, from unwanted intruders that may want to break into your house. So what is the best way to keep your home safe and what do you have to do?

These systems really work and they can also give you plenty of peace of mind as well because you always know your home being monitored and kept secured.

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So here are some tips to secure your apartment.

Why home security for your apartment. According to a report apartments 85 percent more likely to burglarized than single-family homes. Burglars can roam on your floor undetected. Since most people don’t know every one of their neighbours. It’s essential to create a safe environment and increase your apartment safety. And yes it’s possible to do it after you’ve moved in. Apartment dwellers have valuable property in their homes. Just like anyone else people should safeguard against theft and loss regardless of what type of dwelling they live in. Most of the apartments are in areas of high residential turnover. It means you don’t know, your neighbours as much as a long-term homeowner might. You can’t rely on your neighbours to look out for you as much apartments are less likely to have.

Built-in home security systems

Built-in home security systems and thieves know this. Because of that the best home security systems. Today are wireless and easy to install without causing damage to a rental. Many people don’t have home security options available as a renter. But there are plenty of options that shouldn’t violate your lease from standalone devices to self-security systems and other accessories.

Professional monitoring or self-monitoring

You have several alternatives for self-monitoring or professional monitoring. There many ways to secure your valuable things from thieves, robert siciliano a home security suggests. sign on the exterior on the door or in the windows will provide a layer of deterrence to a thief thinking an alarm system is installed to make his job harder. Apartment security tips before moving in discuss everything with your landlord. When the last time that the lock changed ask him to update it if possible for your security.

Because you won’t know for sure how many copies of your keys are floating around. If you are purchasing your apartment change the locks before you move in try to keep your doors and windows locked. Whenever they not being used even when you at home. Many burglars enter through unlocked doors or windows. 93 of burglars enter through a door or Window. With 34 entering through the front door. If you renting review your lease and ask your landlord about what kinds of installations you allowed.


To make many landlords are usually willing to collaborate with you. To make the property safer because it will make their property safer. Which can be beneficial for them apartment-friendly home security tools. If installations not allowed in your Apartment. There are plenty of home safety devices and security systems that are wireless and easy to mount and remove without causing any damage or alteration to the apartment.

Home security systems

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you can install a security system to secure your apartment. Turnkey security systems are a possible way to secure your apartment. Even in a rental apartment. There are different ways they can monitor your apartment against intruders by using a burglar alarm. That alerts neighbours through a high decibel alarm sound through smartphone notifications. That led to you when the system was Triggered. Because of 24/7 monitoring that can call the police or send for help.

It’s somehow true that home security systems require professional installation hardwiring and landline telephones. But that’s no longer the case you can install a diy home security system. They’re especially apartment friendly. Because they don’t have any hard wiring and they have cellular or wi-fi connections. Try to find the one that has month-to-month monitoring plans.

To make it so much easy to take with you. If you move try using simply safe. It’s a leading provider in this area right now. It’s an easy to install diy. Smart security system that monitors your home safe for intruders and threats like fires and floods. The foundation pack is designed for small homes or apartments. And it involve a base-station without wire keypad.

Wireless cameras

One motion sensor, one entry sensor and decals wireless cameras. Wireless cameras are proving very famous among hi-tech security people because of their minimum rate installation charges. If you don’t want to set up an entire System. A standalone wireless security camera is a good choice modern cameras have apps. Also you will send a sms or notification on your mobile smartphone. If any activity is detected zmodo and wise make very affordable indoor cameras. With similar features as more expensive ones. Such as two-way communication motion detection and night vision. They basically have a range between in between two hundred fifty and four hundred fifty feet. If they are located indoors their range can be limited to 100 to 150 feet. Cubicle walls drywall glass and windows generally do not degrade while wireless signal strength.

Video doorbell

Video doorbell the one bad thing about a video doorbell are the knock knock jokes fall flat. Because you already know who’s there. These are the best doorbell cameras we’ve tested for keeping tabs on your entryways. Video doorbells are high impact security devices for anyone concerned about porch pirates though. They are not an option for renters. Who are not allowed to alter their exterior doors.

Smart lights home security systems

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find a local locksmith

Smart lights you might start turning it on your outdoor lights. Every night to secure your apartment. Proper lighting can help deter potential Intruders. Try using smart lights or programmable Lights. That can turn on and off according to your schedule is another cost effective safety tactic. Home security expert suggests give your home that living look by using a timer to turn lights on and off.  You can use the components of an alarm system with built-in. House fully automation to turn on electricity lights, audio music tvs etc. At any time of the day will create that effect that someone is home. These lights have motion detection that will turn on. When they detect movement this gives the appearance that someone’s home. And prevents thieves from working under the cover of darkness. Since they screw into your existing Sockets.

Apartment safe options

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Little installation involved apartment safe options. In any case if someone might get into your apartment. Doesn’t mean they should be able to cart off all your stuff. A difficult home safe is a best deterrent not only for robbery but also for snooping roommates and ex, and less than trustworthy guests. When a burglary happens. Burglars are in a hurry, they want to get in and out as fast as possible.

With as much of your stuff as possible to avoid any trouble. They’re usually looking for valuable Items. That are easy to grab and carry an apartment safe is a good place to store important documents., money and small valuables. It’s best to attach a safe to the wall or floor. So a burglar can’t run off with it. If it not allowed in your apartment choose a low profile. But heavy safe that can be hidden and can not be seen easily.

Peephole home security systems

A peephole people is a small opening window through a door. It allows the viewer to look from the inside to the outside in a door. Usually for apartments or hotel rooms a peephole enables one to see outside. Without opening the door having a peephole or door viewer. Which means you can also keep watch that who is at the another side of the home door before opening the door.

If your door doesn’t have one make sure to install it as soon as possible. Because it’s cheap and effective a people is very useful to avoid threatening situations and can help you and your family to be safe. Which include not just a peephole but also a door camera, doorbell indoor viewer and intercom. This is an even better option. Depending on your need, they help you to see.

Home security systems

Who’s at the front of your door on your Phone. Hence you do not  have to stand up & approach the home door to know. Who wants to visit your home and the best thing is most of these types of cameras are incredibly easy to use or operate. And you can buy most of the brands of the market. Hence they sold at low rate. So these are some important tips to secure your home from burglars.  

Here are some facts you may want to think about regarding security systems that are for homes. In just this country alone, a house being broken into every eleven seconds, which pretty impressive considering we living in the USA. If that is not scary enough, here is some other information that will no doubt scare you even more. The first fact will be about the amount of money people will lose on average which is around two thousand dollars! A ton of money because when you combine it, which over three billion dollars being lost every single year in just the United States alone! And yes, that number is accurate.

Monitored systems

A monitored home security system will notify your security company if the alarm at your house trigged. And then the company will determine whether or not it warrants police action. These systems are great because you can have peace of mind that someone is watching over your home no matter what.

Alarms that is audible

One of the most popular and common home security systems is having an audible alarm. However, this alarm has one major flaw and that is the fact if no none is home, then it will not help you out and a lot of the times your neighbors will not even hear the alarm.

Therefore here are some methods you can use to protect your home to ensure that it is safe that are expensive and then there are also some other ways which are free you can do as well. But a number of different options available to you such as installing some top notch sensor lights for the night or just simple making sure your doors and windows locked at night and when you are not in the home. There are a lot of methods out there but the best method is to have your own home security system.

Alarms that is external

A very good method for notifying people you are being robbed is to have an alarm that is outside of your house. There are some things to think about when you are getting a home security system though, such as the fact that if the system goes off, it does not mean it will stop the burglar. Unless the system will inform someone that there is a criminal stealing the stuff in your house, they probably will just continue robbing you.

A lot of DIY systems do not have a system for notifying someone other than an alarm, which is nice when you are in the house but when you are away, this probably will not stop a burglar because they typically rob you during the day when everyone is at work.

Alerts on your phone
best home security system

The more modern kinds of security systems will send you alerts to your cell phone. A home security system may seem like it designed for a large house. But house dwellers can benefit from a security system too. Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t secure it like you would a home. In fact apartments are at high risk of burglary. Because of lack of interaction between neighbors. The most important thing is to feel safe in your apartment after all it’s your home. But living in apartments brings a lot of unique sets of challenges that homeowners might not have.

How effective is a security system?

Security system

Home security systems deter robber. In a research of over four hundred convicted robber from the top University of USA, eighty percent of robber said they would verify for home alarm systems before break-ins. If they found a home security system, sixty percent of robbers would select other home.

Is it good to have a home security system?

A best home security system main aims to prevent your home and valuable things and those inside it from robbery, house intrusion, fire, and other natural disasters likewise burst pipes. Professional and expert monitoring services do this whether you’re aware of the issue or not, and they can also useful in a medical emergency.

What is the most effective home security?

Wireless Cameras
Wireless cameras are proving very trending among modern security client due to their affordable
installation budget .If you don’t want to set up an entire system, a standalone wireless security
camera is a good choice. Modern cameras have apps, so you’ll get a notification to your
smartphone if any activity is detected.

Are burglars afraid of alarms?

The majority (60%) of the robbers in the research said they would search for an alarm home security system before robbing a home, and if an alarm home security system were present, most would move along to another home.

How can I protect my home without a security system?

Inside home, use curtains to doors and windows or blinds to hide most valuables things. Don’t leave jewelry, electronics, important personal documents or cash in open eye catching sight. For your most valuable things, you can lock them away in a safe or locker. Most important tip is to be discreet when you buy a new valuable things.

Do alarm system signs deter burglars?

While there are number of ways you can do –from keeping your house prevented from robbers-lit to installing wireless cameras to getting a big dog–one of the most effective & powerful deterrents is a home security sign. A home security system is a best way deter would-be robbers.

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