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Okay that’s today, we’re going to discuss what you need to become what a locksmith need to know. We get this question all the time. Whether it’s someone coming in the store, saying hey I’m looking to try something new. What locksmith need to know. If it’s a phone call. We’re getting and someone that’s interested in the trade. We get all kinds of questions of this or an email.

Locksmith need to know

All the time people are asking this question. So what do locksmith need to know. Well I guess it all depends on what you’re going. What service is already an offer for one. Because locksmiths are kind of a broad Term. Now locks must do, so many different Things.  They do your camera installations. We do access control badge readers fingerprint readers code entry. We do car keys and remote programming.

A locksmith needs to now:

Any good locksmith must first learn the basics of being a locksmith. He will need to get familiar with the tools of the trade, the equipment and machines used, the lock systems and locks currently in use in the market, electronic security systems, key identification, panic hardware, office, business and home security, and even the latest tax information. The locksmith as a businessman also needs to understand advertising, marketing, book-keeping, personnel and human resources legislation and safety for both himself and his employees.

So becoming a good locksmith is a lot harder than people think – it is not just about unlocking doors! Locksmithing is a craft that has become more and more complicated and sophisticated as technology and the law have evolved. The locksmith’s knowledge has to change and increase with his business and the current world around him

Locksmithing Stuff – Locksmith Need to Know

locksmith need to know: camden locksmith
camden locksmith

You standard locksmithing stuff like reeking commercial locks and residential locks and installing door closers and commercial hardware and residential hardware as well as even doing saves and selling saves, delivering safes bolting them down servicing them. So you’re kind of a security professional. But they lump everything in together and they call it. what does it take to be a locksmith. so depending on how many services you want to offer as a locksmith would depend on how to answer that.   

Locksmith Need to Know Licensing

locksmith north finchley
locksmith north finchley

But let’s just start off with the basic. So we’re gonna discuss in this article, all the basic tools you need, maybe some Licensing’s or things like that you may need to become a locksmith.  So in the shop to open a locks in this shop or to even get started and say that I get the paperwork right to say that. You are locksmith first thing you need to do is for.

Find out what your state requires do. I need to be licensed do. I have to have prior experience. Do I need to do an apprenticeship or whatever it may be here in your state. When I became a locksmith they just started a licensing thing. You do have to work for a company two years. And then whenever you go to take your owner manager test. They call it to get your license to operate as a business not as an individual.

Texas need to be license

Even if you want to operate as an individual by yourself you still have to pass manager test in Texas. Someone has to sign off saying that, yes they’ve had two years. They know what they’re doing basically. So what does it take to become a locksmith from one is depends on the state. You may need to be licensed right.

So in Texas need to be license, which right here’s our certificate of licensure right here from the private security board. And then of course it’s like any other business. If we’re going to become a lot. So we need to give you a DBA doing business as go to your you know your standard courthouse to get you a DBA. Which is good for ten years. It gives you the name of whatever your company’s gonna be called so licensing.    

Apprenticeship in locksmith need to know

First to find out that you may even need to apprenticeship with somebody for a couple years. Before you could even consider going out on your own. So that depending on what your state requires. Hence one is you might need a license in Texas. You do need a license and so let’s go ahead and go over all the different parts.  

Need different machines for locksmithing

You’re going to need all the different machines. It’s just kind of the basic things. And you’re gonna need to run a locksmith company okay. So let’s start off with the very first thing you need is you need keys, right. If you’re gonna have a locksmith shop and becoming a locksmith.

You have to have some kind of supply of keys, because you’re gonna get all these random Keys thrown at you.  I need this one for my trailer, I need this for my RV or any of this for my ATV or my house or my car or whatever it may be. So and our shop here, we kind of have them labeled the automotive ATV our via motorcycle keys.

So you see there’s thousands of keys right. This is just one and then if you’re gonna offer automotive and you’re gonna do car key and remote programming. Then you’re gonna need to supply of remote keys, transponder keys for all the different makes and models and we have some more keys over here.  

Customer Relations

Customer relations is very important in any business. It is essential that a business gains the trust and respect of its customers to stay in business. A locksmith has to know how to respect customers’ privacy and private information. He also has to be able to communicate effectively with the public – not always an easy skill to master!

Locksmith Need to Know Take Institutional Education

Learning his trade from an accredited institution is very important for both the quality of the information provided and the end results. Learning locksmithing on your own via books or experimenting, will not gain the necessary experience and credibility. You may get some customers, but there is also great risks. Knowing how to gain access to people’s houses, businesses, and motor vehicles has to be treated as confidential information.

Locksmith Need to Know Business Skills

You can operate a small locksmith business, but if you want to specialize in, say, only automobiles, you can focus your education and equipment in that particular field. You may wish to increase your knowledge to concentrate on locksmith services for only homes or businesses. Locksmiths have a choice of numerous areas to learn and specialize in. You can combine all areas and just learn one specialization at a time, expanding your knowledge and business more slowly.

Decorative Things Locksmith Need to Know

locksmith need to know: locksmith loughton
locksmith loughton

You’re going to need decorative keys, keychains lanyards things like that customers ask for all the time. Yes that’s not a necessity. But you might as well bring those and people will be looking for them and they will expect them to be out of locksmith shop more than anywhere. So also you got your standard residential and commercial keys. Hence you need a really good supply of key blanks and I believe there’s even some suppliers out there.

That you can say, hey I’m opening a shop. What’s your basic package that will get me set up for a little inventory. For a shop of key blanks and they’ll sell those as a package of a thousand different key points with XM and other quantities with even these little tags behind them. So that you can label in law. So definitely, I need to start off with that now.

The other thing we need to discuss is what are some of the main tools that’ll lock Smith uses. What are some of the main machines that you’re gonna use. And  we have your standard lab in kit. So three key locks you definitely have to have your retain kit and anybody that that knows. What they’re doing in the training knows that. You have to rekey lodge.  

Rekey Holds Follower

locksmith central london
locksmith central london

You’re basically going to need a couple basic tools. One is you need a follower. I’m not gonna explain what all these tools are no mounts briefly discuss. If there’s too many of them followers used to rekey holds.

Lab Pin Kits  

The pins in place while you’re changing the other pins. You know to see that I need a set of tweezers a bunch of other small little miscellaneous tools key extractors files and different things of those sorts. I prefer the lab pin kits. they’re pretty much the standard in the industry. Everybody has a lab pin kit any.  

Vise Rooms

locksmith need to know: locksmith east london
locksmith east london

If you’re operating a shop, you need a vise rooms like a  standard vise that you can put keys on, put the stamp on it and stamp your keys. And if you’re doing more than just basic wreaking. You’re gonna need some sort of interchangeable core in kit lab also makes this one. Which has your retain block and your different little tools and pins needed to rekey interchangeable core cylinders.

Punches Tool

So put that away, these two tools right here are punches or blue punch tools by Pro Lock. They’re not a necessity. But they sure make life a lot easier. You can put a key in here. And you literally just punch it down. Next cut points down next comes down. You don’t need power it, cuts it perfectly every time. So I have a punch for shrinkies and have a punch for your best entertainment Corky’s.

Which work with the interchangeable form Pinkett. So those definitely are a must-have when doing locksmith work. So this is more along the commercial/residential of actual locksmith freaking work. And then of course, you’ve definitely gonna need assortment of different screws and allen wrenches and tail pieces for locks.

Tubular Duplicator

 And all kinds of different things you’re talking about machines. You don’t necessarily have to have this machine. But this is a tubular duplicator. Basically you know this little tuber Keys. This will duplicate them and we don’t use it too often. I say maybe once or twice a week probably. Don’t need this starting off.

But it’s something you can get build up to especially in a shop. Because people will come by get keys. they need keys copied tubular keys copy. I think this runs somewhere around about 900 dollars or something like that. It could be wrong give or take also. If you’re gonna do any automotive keys. You’re gonna need some kind of machine that will duplicate.

Omen Machine

Someone brings in the high security laser key. And you’re like I need to make a copy of It. Well this will take one and copy it right on to the other manual. You just lower this down spins move it back and forth makes your copy. But if you need to cut original keys to copy. In the first place sometimes you need to make originals, will cut original laser-cut keys or high-security keys. It’s fully automated, you can put the key in here.

It’ll decipher What it looks like take the key out put the new one in there. And it’ll copy exactly what it traced in before. So this is a condor XZ mini. This is probably the most affordable and best bang for your buck. When it comes to high-security originating the duplicating like.  It’s a condor XZ mini by X horse and this is an omen machine. Let’s go over machine that,  in the trade that just duplicate. This was kind of riddles and duplicate.

Two Main Machines

The two main machines that any locksmith is gonna have is a

locksmith high wycombe
locksmith high wycombe

Standard Key Duplicator Machine

these are both the standard you key duplicator. You put the key in here and you put the key that you want to cut on them. And it just traces this key and cuts it on. The other key this does the same exact thing.

This one’s a silica speedo 44 and this is an HPC duplicator. Part number is on that one. So those make copies of keys. But you also need something to cut originals. So that cuts original high-security automotive keys. This cuts original.

HPC Machine Locksmith Need to Know

So this is HPC machine or the Blitz. This cuts original everything else that’s not high security all your house keys or a commercial or residential Keys. Everything has a bunch of these cards. You slip in whatever type of key, you’re cutting will slip it in goes left to right and depth you want the cuts. And you can cut your original keys on this machine. So all these machines here are pretty standard and necessary to run at to be a locksmith.

 There’s many other things too that will disguise ok. So some of the other things you’re going to need is definitely. Some impulse buying little things at the counters and key rings key tags. you know little carbon-carbon errs. Where are you going those shillings at the code key and things like that that way you get a little extra sales. When the customers at the counter and we’re gonna kind of walk. You through what we can’t have in our Store. So you know what kind of products locksmith need to know to carry in your shop.  


We need to have a whole big wall here for padlocks. Customers always come in looking for padlocks.  They need to be extra protected or extra long shackles or whatever it may be. So we have a good selection of lock boxes and padlocks and key hiders and key boxes things like that. And then we also have your key tags and little accessories key floats and then we have both product we made a wall for bulk products. Because these are just a very popular items. I don’t know we like we sell a lot of in our stores.

Where your car key works all your trailer hitch locks and things like that. So you just want to keep your customers looking and moving from item to item. So that they can spend money. That’s the goal make money. We also have a bunch of different residential security. You know window locks strike boxes peepholes. Electronic dead bolts residential Hardware knobs. Lammers door guardians latch guards. We have a couple of commercial simplex a–‘s. Truly easier just to show the customers only know.

Keep Personal Security Products in Locksmith Store

locksmith hornchurch
locksmith hornchurch

What you show a lot of people don’t know anything about what LOX was. Even knew so if you’re not showing a customer what you do or what kind of services you provide or what kind of parts are out there. They’re only going to mostly know, what they hook up online or what they hear from you. So make sure you stock your store full of full of ways to make money. That’s the whole name of the game. We also have  personal security products. I fit right in line with what we do. So we have tasers flashlights pepper, sprays things. And then women safes if you have enough room in your store.

It’s great to find a safe company that you like and that you trust. And a product you want to stand behind. We like Holland’s safes are made right here in Texas and Corpus Christi. So it works perfect for us we have a little section here with our wallet. That’s a wall safe pistol boxes. We have a bunch of different gun safes. All your different models. So we have the customer can walk around and be looking while you’re cutting them keys or or wreaking in their locks or whatever you may be doing. And if you have room one of the things, that we did is we added a partner wall.

Dedicated wall

So basically we’re partnering with the Legion Ito I agree though. So we dedicated a wall to most of their products. We have a demo ready for setting up a iPad. So they can go on and look at how it works. And how it stores everything on the cloud.  How they can see who and when use the badge reader.   So when you’re doing a locksmith shop. You want to make sure, it’s well organized, it’s clean, it’s got their eyes going from a park. Apart that way it’s doing some selling for you. So what does it take to become a locksmith.   

Find FAQ before start locksmith business

Remember the demand in your area when choosing your field of locksmithing . How many locksmiths are already there? What do they specialize in? Are there many complaints about local locksmiths? Are there any public needs not being met? How can you make your business stand out from the rest? Knowing which questions to ask is a very important step for a successful locksmith.

The locksmith profession can be very rewarding, but make sure it is right for you. Further questions to ask are: what hours must you work, and what demands will this put on your family? The public is very unforgiving when desperate. If a storm has damaged a house or  business, if a thief has broken into a home or business, or if a security system has malfunctioned, you need to be able to meet the needs of your customer. As with everything, preparation is the key to success.

What are the 3 skills you should be able to do as a locksmith?


  • Client Service. Best client service is the most important part of a business.
  • Issue-Solving Technique.
  • An Interest In The Locksmith Industry.
  • Institutional Training and Knowledge.
  • Ready To Learn New Techniques.

What questions do locksmiths ask?

Must ask:

  • Do They provide any Emergency Locksmith Service?
  • Are They Bonded, Licensed, and Insured?
  • Does They Conduct any Background verification on Employees?
  • Do They Have regular Consistently Positive Reviews from their customer?
  • Does They provide a Wide Range of Residential Locksmith Services?
  • Can They regularly Perform a complete Security Audit?

What are the qualities of a good locksmith?

Locksmith qualities:

  • Respectability and Honesty. This is the number one quality to search for in a locksmith firm.
  • Job Experience. The long year someone is in the locksmith business, the much trustworthy they are.
  • Location and Response Time. This is especially necessary in the condition of emergency!
  • The most important Patience. Yes Patience is very important quality in your locksmith.
  • Also locksmith become Insured.

What is one of the most common locksmith tasks?

Installation and Repair of locks, door, entry systems, safes, door closer, house and business security systems. Locksmith Assistant – Service / Service technician customers house security systems and install new one, or upgrade present systems.

How long does it take a locksmith to rekey a lock?

About 20 to 25 minutes

How does a locksmith rekey a lock?

Rekeying is a procedure of copy key on original key by a professional locksmith. The lock cylinder is uninstalled from the lock. Next, the pins/ tumblers are uninstalled and changed, with a different and latest combination and the lock cylinder is again installed.

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