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locksmith scams

When you hire a locksmith to help you get access to your locked property, you are letting a stranger into your home, office or vehicle. But the bad news is there are many individuals out there who pose as locksmiths, with the only intent of taking advantage of distressed customers who are quite vulnerable to potential theft, fraud, and other threats.  But the good thing is there are things we can do to lessen our risks of hiring a fake locksmith. The following are some helpful tips spot a fake locksmith to keep in mind:

12 Helpful Tips to Spot a Fake Locksmith

When you are locked out of your house or car, then you want to worry about is being scammed by a locksmith. So how to spot a fake locksmith.

In this article we will see how to spot a fake locksmith , also we offer 12 tips to help spot a fake locksmith

#1. Check that they’re licensed and insured

#2. Before work begins get an estimate in writing.

#3. Beware of locksmiths who give you a very low estimate value over the mobile phone

#4. Avoid locksmiths who don’t have a physical address

#5. Ask for referrals from friends or family

#6. Check online reviews

#7. Be wary of locksmiths who arrive in unmarked vehicles.

#8. Ask to see their identification

#9. Do not give the permission to the locksmith to drill your lock unless it’s absolutely necessary to you.

#10. Avoid locksmiths who give you a high quote after drilling the lock

#11. Do not pay in cash

#12. Get everything in writing

Know the business address. 

In calling a locksmith, make sure to ask for the business address. After all a fake locksmith, as what you can expect, will most likely use a fake address in attempt to make him look real.  What you can do is to check the business address online through websites that offer phone as well as address matching services. Surely that the number you called matches the business address that the locksmith has given you.

locksmith whetstone

This is one way of making sure that you are talking to a trustworthy locksmith and at the same time, can give you a good idea if the locksmith is indeed local. Hence hiring someone local is imperative in receiving timely services. You would also want to deal with local locksmiths because calls routed to contact centers in random areas would not really have an idea of who they will be sending out to assist you and this can place you at such high risks. In this way we can spot a fake locksmith.

Check the company service vehicle.
Spot fake locksmith

A locksmith for cars needs to travel to the site of the job. Also check if the locksmith you called arrives in a marked vehicle, with the name of the company distinctively seen.  If someone calls himself a locksmith but simply arrives in an unmarked vehicle, better be wary. Seen in this way we can spot a fake locksmith.

Ask for identification. 

This might seem unnecessary because any legitimate automobile locksmith will voluntarily present you his personal identification upon his arrival.  However, if the locksmith does not automatically present one, make sure to ask for his proof of identification. In fact the same manner, a locksmith should ask for your proof of identification. This is necessary in verifying if you are indeed authorized to access the property. In this way we can spot a fake locksmith.

Check the price quotes and invoice. 

If the automotive locksmith quoted you a price that is different over the phone and upon his arrival, it is best not to make any deal with that locksmith. Be wary of additional costs and fees that a vehicle locksmith might charge on top of what you have been quoted. Do not give cash to a locksmith who insists on having it up front.

locksmith battersea

It is best to only deal with responsible locksmiths. And now that we have an idea of what a fake locksmith is, we can be able to make better choices. The next time you need to work with a locksmith for you vehicle, home or office, make sure that you only deal with those that are of good reputation and who will not trick you into spending more than what you actually have to. This way we can also spot a fake locksmith.

Locksmith Scams | What are they and How To Spot a Fake Locksmith

How to spot a fake locksmith.? A locksmith scam happens, when someone accidentally calls an ad or website that claims to be a locksmith service. But instead of getting a locksmith to show up. They actually get a con artist that performs poor work and over charges by hundreds of dollars.

scammers quotes
scammers quotes

locksmith morden

In many cases the victim of a locksmith scam has to call a real. Locksmith back to repair the damage left by a scammer. This happens everyday to thousands of people all across America and when it does most people will mistakenly think that this was an isolated incident. I was just unlucky, even so what many people don’t realize is that. Even they dont spot a fake locksmith. Because they dont know about fake locksmith.

This is a nationwide scam owned and controlled by a foreign criminal organization. That criminal organization is destroying American small businesses. So we thought we’d sit down and share with you exactly what locksmith scams are. How they work and how you can avoid them.

locksmith islington

So exactly how does a locksmith scam work there are three parts to the scam process. Advertise dispatch and con in Advertising. Their model is quite simple outnumbered legitimate locksmith businesses 100 to 1 through any form of advertising in the phone books. They list hundreds in even thousands of fictitious business names in any variation and on any streets. This method waters down the listings and greatly increases the chance that, you the consumer will accidentally call a scam locksmith.

spot a fake locksmith: locksmith ripoff
locksmith ripoff

locksmith hackney

Anyone who still uses a phone book is at risk online. Thus they will create thousands of fake locksmith websites to overwhelm and outnumber. And spot a fake locksmith is big question. Generally any legitimate locks with businesses that may actually be there on their fake websites. You will notice the heavy use of generic stock photos. In a desperate attempt to appear normal here’s. A guy shoving Kian face and lady locked out of the rain. Do you recognize these ones or the famous waiting for your phone call. Remember anybody can purchase stock photos and put them on their website.

locksmith barnet

That does not make them a certified trained and experienced locksmith. When visiting a scammers website to be careful. If you find a picture of an actual storefront. There are two reasons for this one the picture might be stolen from another locksmith shop. In another state number 2 the locksmith scammers have been known to rent an actual storefront location.

spot a fake locksmith: locksmith 11101
locksmith 11101

locksmith chertsey

 For a short period of time take pictures of that established storefront and even register it with all the search engines. After a few days or weeks they will vacate that property and continue scamming. The local population while pretending to still have a storefront on their websites. You will notice phrases and wording such as you’ve come to the right place and look no further or trusted honest reliable or affordable cheap best price.

locksmith raynes park

Remember anybody can write these words on their website. It doesn’t make it true. These con artists will post images that say the best of 2011 and best of 2009 they will claim to have one. Some type of award but never say from whom due to recent exposure in the news. Many locksmiths scammers have stopped listing fake addresses on their website. If you can’t find a local address. But the website lists an address of a head office in another state be careful.

locksmith company
locksmith company

 locksmith hanwell

If you notice they will create thousands of fake Google profiles. Some with photos and some without. If you take a closer look at some of these profiles with photos and do a quick simple google search for that image. You will notice that many of these profile photos are stolen from other parts of the web. A closer look at this fake profile called John Smith a quick Google search will verify that this photo is not a John Smith. But belongs to a man named henrik a male model featured in.

locksmith isleworth

The Huffington Post again this is just another stolen photo used to create a fake profile with these thousands of fake Google profiles. They will create thousands of fake Google reviews. These reviews are used to promote through fake websites and their fake business listings now. Sometimes they’ll write their own reviews and other times they’ll just purchase fake reviews from websites. There are places on the web where you can purchase fake reviews not just for Google. But for other web sites their latest trend is to purchase fake video reviews.

spot a fake locksmith: locksmith quote online
locksmith quote online

locksmith barnet

All this is done to pretend to have some type of credibility on their websites and fake business listings. When it comes to maps locations.    Here is their business strategy number  1. They locate a legitimate locksmith shop  2. They surround that location with ten fake locksmith listings  3. Thus they backup those locations by giving them fake reviews by purchasing fake five-star reviews. For eats fake listing next they list at least three fake listings in every township county.

locksmith chingford

Even so Borough surrounding that locksmith shop. Then they repeat this process for every locksmith across the country. Now you may ask, why do they do this? They want to make sure that their company their fake listings are the only ones that you call.   when you search on your mobile device, here is another strategy called location poaching. What they did was? If you had a shop. Let’s say you have a shop right here and it’s called Acme street lock and key well.

locksmith canning town

They will come along and create a fake Maps listing right next door and also call themselves acme street locksmith now. There is no legitimate locksmith shop. But in the rare case, that you come along looking for a locksmith. And there is a 50% chance that you might click on the fake listing right next door in a related story. There is a locksmith in the Baltimore DC area who is currently suing Google over the thousands of spam listing that Google has on their Maps.

locksmith deptford

Last year you could practically find thousands of fake locksmith listings in the Baltimore area. Alone magically overnight now that the lawsuit has begun. These fake scam listings have disappeared off of Google Maps. When it comes to advertising their strategy is quite simple. Outspend everybody, if we take a closer look at the pay-per-click ads the price for pay-per-click ad for DC locksmith is 63 dollars and 16 cents per click no legitimate locksmith in this country can afford that type of advertising.

locksmith hendon

These scam companies have driven up the price of pay-per-click. So high that no legitimate locksmith can afford to advertise anymore. Their strategy is quite simple low price bait-and-switch here’s an example one of their ads. They’re advertising for $15 locksmith service another one $19 locksmith service. Since this is a foreign criminal organization English is not their primary language. As we will notice in this ad, here fast response is guaranteed.

locksmith hampstead

 That’s really nice in this testimonial right here this person responded to a fifteen dollar locksmith ad and ended up getting scammed for over three hundred and fifty dollars cash in. This testimony right here. This person responded to a $29 ad and ended up getting scanned for over six hundred dollars. They will advertise as being local and fast response when the average wait time for a locksmith scammer is anywhere between one and two hours. It is estimated that they make over 1 billion dollars a year in their locksmith scam.

locksmith pimlico

Alone with this type of money they can afford any number of websites, any number of fake Google reviews and as a result they can pay any price for advertising. So all these ads all these fake websites. These fake reviews, these fake business listings and maps locations are all in an effort to get you the consumer to call their number. Your call is then routed to a dispatch service. So let’s talk a little bit about their dispatch service. Their number one thing is how they answer the phone and what they say and what they don’t say.

locksmith west norwood

When they answer the phone. The answer with service or locksmith. Now when you ask him what company did I call? They will never answer that question. They will say well what company did you call again using questions to deflect a question. There’s your first sign using questions to deflect questions. So you say well is this locksmith company, a they’ll say yeah yeah this is locksmith company. So if you responded to a 15 dollar ad they’ll say well it’s $15 for the locksmith to come out.

locksmith edmonton

Then it’s 35 and up to open that is what’s going to get you the end up. If you responded to a $19 ad they’ll say it’s $25 and up to open again. This is their first psychological trick.  Number one fifteen dollars just to get you to click on their ad. The end up is what is going to get you. So back to the dispatch service. Their inability to answer locksmith related questions. Remember they are dispatched service and many times they have the inability to answer. Those questions next up, they say well the tech has to see the car or the lock alright. So if you want a final price or some close ballpark figure.

locksmith west wickham

 They’re gonna say well the tech has to see the lock. The tech has to see the car. So we can’t give you any type of price with this. They avoid talking about prices. They never give a final price and not even a ballpark figure. Now I understand many legitimate locksmiths net. Any normal business owner wouldn’t give you a final price over the phone in this particular incidents.

There are many variables when it comes to lock outs. However even a legitimate locksmith can tell you a ballpark well. It’s going to be between this and this the dispatches will avoid details and any type of questions and their number one goal is to get off the phone as soon as possible and to dispatch a con man to.

locksmith tooting

The scene that’s it that’s their number one goal. So that is the dispatch process next up is when the con artist comes out to your house or car that’s when the shakedown really begins. So let’s start off with the arrival of the con artist. The scammer usually you have a long wait for him to arrive anywhere between one to two hours. Yes they promised 15-minute response. But that’s only to get you to call sometimes. You’re lucky you might just wait 30 Minutes. But most of the time it’s one to two hours usually they show up in an unmarked car or van sometimes. What out-of-state plates and sometimes with magnetic removable signs.

locksmith kensington

They use magnetic removable signs. Because they are involved in many other scams carpet cleaning, garage door repair, plumbing moving towing. So they utilize these magnetic signs a lot next up is their appearance. Many of them look rough, they’re rough looking characters uncut unshaven, no badges, no IDs and no uniform. All right whoa let me stop the Presentation. I can hear it right now. There’s some locksmith out. There saying wait wait a minute. I’m the legitimate locksmith right that’s just for phosphorus. I’m illegitimate locksmith and I don’t wear a uniform. I use my personal car and I have a beard.

locksmith west hampstead

All right allow me to make a distinction, allow me to draw a line in the sand. Here there are legitimate locksmiths. Who don’t have markings on their car? who have beards that’s perfectly fine and they don’t have uniforms. That does not make them scammers and I’m not saying that does make them scammers. I am showing you the differences between scammers and legitimate locksmiths. if you will notice scammers and what I’m telling. You here is scammers have a lot more of these traits and if you heard the earlier part of the presentation. You will notice scammers of course will utilize all the previous techniques.

locksmith twickenham

 Fake ads, Google profiles, fake reviews, fake written reviews, fake websites. fake business listings. You name it most legitimate locksmiths, will not engage in those activities. In these days most legitimate locksmiths cannot afford the ads. So when you take all these characteristics put together plus. The ones I’m about to cover in a few minutes here. When you see a whole array of these characteristics in these techniques and these strategies. There is a higher likelihood a higher percentage rate that.

locksmith south norwood

You’ll find a scammer, you’ll get a Scammer. Showing up at your house or your car any one of these techniques doesn’t make anybody a scam. When you see a lot of these traits all in a row right here. You will notice that will make up a Scammer. But any one of these techniques or traits doesn’t make anybody a scammer all right. In a few seconds, we’ll be sharing with you more techniques that the scammers use such as constant line psychological games guilt throwing and using questions as distractions.

locksmith chislehurst

So right now to set the record straight. Here are a few simple differentiations between legitimate, locksmiths and scammers and legitimate with cares about his customer a scammer is only concerned about getting your money. A legitimate customer takes time to answer questions of the customer and can answer questions intelligently. A legitimate locksmith is knowledgeable, a scammer is irritated by your questions. He has no clue and he will BS his way through anything.

locksmith highgate

Many legitimate locksmiths are trained certified and the ones that are proud of it scammer locksmiths are always on the run. After dealing with a legitimate locksmith awhile dealing with the legitimate locksmith. You get a good feeling and when you’re finished you feel more secure your home or your car is more secure after dealing with the scammer. Also you have a bad feeling during the whole transaction. You have a bad feeling and after the transaction. Eventually you certainly do have a bad feeling and you know. because you’ve been over charged that is the difference between a legitimate, locksmith and a scammer.

locksmith fulham

Now back to the presentation. When you call a scammer out to lock your house the scammer will always use the famous thing. Okay your locks are commercial locks or their high security locks. I cannot pick them. I cannot pick the locks, I can’t get you in. I’m going to have to drill the lock that is their famous technique. Drilling the lock destroying whatever Hardware you have on your door and then charging you outrageous sums to place a cheap imported piece of hardware.

locksmith chelsea

That’s worse than the one you had on your door that is the technique of a scammers. Remember this any idiot can drill a lock it takes a true professional to pick a lock. So when you call them out to your car to unlock your car immediately. They’re gonna have an excuse you know what’s your. If your car is an older car they’re gonna say you know what your car is too old. It’s going to cost more money. If you have a new car, they’re going to Say, it’s too new. It’s going to cost more Money. If it’s bigger, they’re gonna say it’s too big or too small it’s too compact.

locksmith rainham

Whatever the excuse they’re gonna tell you is going to cost more money. Their favorite excuses are you have a high security locking mechanism or the locking mechanism is complicated and I don’t want to damage it. So it’s gonna cost you more money these are the excuses that they use to charge you more money. So when it comes time to pay. They will rudely demand cash even though every one of their websites claims to accept all major credit cards. They will rudely demand cash and they will tell you that their credit card machine is broken.

locksmith stoke newington

If you continue to insist that credit card or card is all you have magically their credit card machine is going to start working again. And they’re gonna say okay my credit card machine magically started working again. But all I can accept is debit card. Why do they do this because most banks will not let you refute a charge. Most banks will not let you reverse a charge. Such as this however credit cards you can dispute charges. So that’s why they first start off with debit card. If you still have a problem. Next they start with more psychological games.

locksmith isleworth

They get on the phone with their boss and they say okay oh man this customer here has a problem. The reason they do this is to trigger some form of guilt, some form of fear and guilt into the customer. What happens when a technician gets on the phone with his boss? What are they trying to do? Here they’re trying to make you feel guilty. You know what you’ve been a bad customer. Let me get on the phone with my boss and tell him how bad you’ve been that is a frame that they’re using. I can’t believe you have a problem with my price. I’m gonna have to talk to my boss again. They’re using guilt to Manipulate you if you have a problem with the price. They will say I gave you a discount already.

locksmith barnes

 So if you responded to a $15.00 ad and he’s charging three hundred and fifty dollars. He’s gonna say, I gave you a discount already. I would lose my job, if I gave you more discounts again. He’s using guilt, he’s using guilt as a form of control to manipulate you into paying his outrageous prices. He’s going to frame the entire situation as it’s your fault. That your door was complicated and it costs more money. He’s gonna always frame the entire situation into you know it was your fault mr. customer. That your lock was too old water too new whatever.

locksmith greenford

 It was is your fault that, I have to charge you so much money. That is how they frame the entire situation. If you try to report these guys or follow up on them. If you ask the tech, why are you doing this? The tech will always say well, listen it’s not my fault. The company makes me charge these prices. If you call the number that you originally called. They’re gonna say listen, we’re just a call center. We take calls for thousands of different fake companies. We don’t know which one you’re talking about and if you are so lucky to get hold of the original company. The mobster that controls. It if you’re so lucky to get hold of them.

locksmith kentish town

They will say oh you know, what that guy that tech we just fired him yesterday. He no longer works for us, we don’t condone that behaviour. He was a rogue locksmith. Again using the triangle of deflection sending you in circles. All these techniques guilt psychological games. Constant lies questions used as distractions answering your questions with their questions. All these techniques and tricks just to overcharge you by 200 to 800 percent more than market rates.

locksmiths balham

 When you choose to call a scammer all that extra money that you pay goes to support the extravagant lifestyle of a mob boss. It helps him make his next sports car payment or by that third mansion in Miami. Many of these crime bosses are living abroad in a life of luxury. So what starts off as a low price, local fast response ad turns into a high price shakedown. Their racist views toward Americans is that Americans are stupid and naive as caught on camera by ABC News. The lookouts last year this entire system that we covered is just their locksmith scam.

islington locksmith

bills locksmith
bills locksmith

However they are involved in many other scams, such as carpet cleaning, moving company, scams plumbing, scams Garage Door Repair, HVAC AC repair and towing.

Just to name a few every day all across the country foul thousands of Americans are being scammed and thousands of Americans are handing over their hard-earned cash.    So instead of supporting a mobsters way of life, supports American small businesses in your community. Moreover these are mom-and-pop owned locksmiths. So how do you find a legitimate Locksmith. So when searching for a locksmith.

locksmith west wickham

Make sure you look for a face that is when you’re searching their websites. Make sure you see a face of an actual locksmith and remember don’t fall for stock photos look for a locksmith that actually shows his face legitimate locksmiths. Are proud of who they are and they will gladly show their face.

If you’re searching online, you may have to go to the second or third page of the search engine results. Just to find a legitimate locksmith. If you find a legitimate locksmith shop that has an actual address go and verify that address. Go to that actual location and verify it in person. Now bear in mind eighty percent of legitimate locksmiths are mobile shop owners.

locksmith wandsworth

So in this particular case call them up ask them questions, get to know them. Remember legitimate locksmiths will be happy to answer your questions and we’ll be glad to spend time with you on the phone. And when you find a legitimate locksmith that you like program that number into your phone. So the next time that you need one you don’t have to look on the search engines or in a phonebook. Another way to find a locksmith is to search on our directory.

locksmith south norwood

Just hit that button right up there that says, how to spot a fake locksmith. They located legitimate locksmith in your neighbourhood. If you do not find one in your region, let us know protect your loved ones share this article make sure they don’t get scammed as well make sure your loved ones are educated about this issue. And spot a fake locksmith to teach them lesson.

How do you know if a locksmith is real?

The best way to know if a locksmith is reliable is by researching in advance. Ask them detailed questions, call them, and check their reviews. If the locksmith checks all the boxes and is a reputable locksmith, save his phone number in your phone for future reference. Practice proper door lock maintenance, In the meantime.

How do locksmiths verify that its you're safe?

After unlocking the door the locksmith asks for some ID verification to confirm if you are a resident or not. So identification in the form of a driver’s license or bill will usually be required to confirm that you own the property. Summary: Locksmiths need to verify ownership.

What to Know Before Hiring a locksmith?

Following are the important factors that you should consider before hiring a locksmith.
Certified with insurance.

The tips to Hire a locksmith

  • Certified with insurance.
  • Experience and skill.
  • Reliable and trustworthy.
  • Provide good customer services.
  • Updated with all the latest trends and tools.
  • Famous amongst clients and others.
  • Reputation of company.
  • Affordable price.


Do locksmiths rip you off?

Professional locksmiths, perhaps surprisingly, don’t think so. Even professional locksmiths agree that this service is perfect for ripoff artists.

How do locksmiths know it's your house?

It verifies a person’s residence by checking various documents like driver’s license, gas bill, electric bill, email, car registration etc. If they are ineligible or fail to verify, they can lock or close the door. If this happens then call the police immediately and let them sort it out.

Is it safe to have a locksmith change your locks?

Picking a lock does not make the lock more secure or impair the security of the lock. One of the key factors that make a lock secure is the number of pins inside the lock. The more pins in the lock, the more secure the lock is. Unless the locksmith replaces the old 5 pins with these 5 new pins, the lock will not be as secure as before.

Do locksmiths need to be registered?

Locksmith is an unregulated industry. Unless you work in the industry, you probably don’t know about it. This means that there is no education or license required to become a locksmith, and there is no official governing body to set work standards in the industry.

Do I need proof of address to get a key cut?

Yes, you need to provide your ID (driver’s license, passport, credit card) and proof of address to get a key cut. A security key is a specialist type of key so it’s always a good idea to provide proof if a key cut is required.

How can I get a new door key without the original?

A locksmith can make any type of key using blanks and files and skills. If you lost your key and you need it badly. In such cases, the locksmith can cut the key to size.

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