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Trade Tools
Trade Tools

A locksmith needs to invest a lot of money on the trade tools and equipment they need to use in their trade. Locksmiths can start with only a handful of trade tools but as business grows, generally they will eventually have to prepare for larger investments. Hence it helps to gain familiarity with these tools so one can better select which ones to start with.

Card  – Trade Tools 

a-1 locksmith tools
A-1 locksmith tools

This is in no particular order. So this is my favorite tool and  this is the humble my cup. Now the reason,  I love this is that. It’s super cheap, because it’s lightweight. So I keep it in my back  pocket every day. Accordingly I’ll just walk around  and keep this on me and there’s so many  uses for it. I’m not gonna go into too  much detail about, how to use every one  of these tools.

locksmiths clapham

 Generally if you want to learn more  about that oceans tell you more at the  end. But this as you might know is for  slipping open lots. Any sort of  spring-loaded latches, we can open doors  with these also. Window catches you can  check if locks are on by sliding it in  the gap of the door. Just when you’re  starting out. So that’s the my card that’s  number one.   

Electric Pig Gun Trade Tools

Now number two we’ve got the  electric pig gun. Thus his one is the hpc  electro pick. Generally this is the my personal  preference, what which I’ve had the most  success with I’ve tried many others on  the market. Moreover this one I’ll just find  comfortable to use and again I just  hadn’t  more locks with it.

locksmith tool gun
Locksmith tool gun

So yes it really  worked for me you can adjust the tension  on it. But It comes with various different  shape blades and a few tension wrenches. One little tip when you are using it is  to hold it very lightly. Most with three  fingers like that also. 

locksmith coulsdon

What that does is it allows the  vibrations to go through into the lock.  Whereas if you’re holding it very firmly  compressing it. After all You’re absorbing that  vibration and you’re not allowing it to  go into the lock. So one little bad point  about it is that. Even so It doesn’t come with a  charger. It does take batteries, so you  need to replace four AAA batteries.

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All I’ve done is just got rechargeable  batteries for it. So I guess, it’s the  same you know. It’s not a problem, as a result it’s  just a little bit more faffing around.  When you want to change the batteries  Yeah. So that’s the hpc pig gun, I got  this from Amazon. I don’t know, if they’re  valuable as well as that one there anymore. But  do try different pig guns see what works  for you. But this is the one that works  for me so that’s number two okay.     

Flexible Cable Trade Tools

autosmart locksmith tools
Autosmart locksmith tools

Thus this handy little flexible cable with strong magnets on the end. Now  this is super handy for going through  the letterbox. Picking up bunches of  keys that have been dropped through. Also I’ve  even had a customer that once stepped  out of his car and dropped the keys down.  The drain like right next to him. 

locksmith coulsdon

So I’ve come along and put this tool  through the drain and fished out the  keys with the magnet. So it’s just  commenting this a nice little backup trade tools. I wouldn’t say, I use this everyday.  But certainly on a weekly or monthly  Basis. I’ll use, this it’s nice to have it  as backup for. You’ll find a situation  where it will come in handy. Put it that  way and your  glad that you bought it. Hence that’s number  three is the doubling. It’s got a name  just say a magnetic cable number.

Cylinder SnapperTrade Tools

 Four we’ve got the cylinder snapper trade tools. Now I’ve  had this same snapper from day one from  the day. I started locksmithing, it’s got  a gyro profile hole on one end and an  oval hole on the other end.  They’re super heavy-duty. cylinder snapper never  going to break, it’s done. You know as, 

locksmith hounslow

I say, I’ve probably snapped many many  locks with this one again. I’m not gonna  go into detail. How it is used, but that is  the cylinder snapper there are other versions. Where they’ve almost got like a  clamp on the end. So you can tighten the  clamp on to the lock with an allen key. I  guess to get more purchase on to the  lock. If it’s only protruding slightly,  but I have tried them without much  success.   

Manual Pitt Gun Trade Tools

Locksmith trade tools

I much prefer this one never had  a problem with this number five. we’ve  got the manual Pitt gun trade tools. Now this  basically does the same thing as the  electric gun. So you’re not gonna get as  many vibrations obviously. This I found  really handy for pin tumbler locks just  standard.

locksmith poplar

You know like Yale locks we  call them in the UK and you can adjust  the tension on this. One little tip is to  keep the tension quite low don’t go  overboard on.  But Because you just won it, won’t open the  Lock. So that is the this one’s the Dino  super ananias it battered. Because I’ve  had it so long, but it served me very  well. So that’s number five number .   

Humble Wire Pick 

We’ve got the humble wire pick again.  This is the thing, I like about this trade tools is  it’s cheap, its lightweight and it’s  super multi-use. You can adjust them you  can cut them to what size you want. You  can bend them really handy for picking  open mortise locks and perhaps pulling  the latch back on an outward opening  door for a lock, out super handy again.

locksmith holloway road

 I’ve used these or wind sash windows to  pull little latches back. Everything you  know, you just again it’s kind of like a  great backup trade tools to have in your box.  Because they’ll always be a tricky  Situation, that you just think. Oh I  thought I had a wire that been round and  pick that up and this is what this is  for.  So that is the wire pick comes in a big  set. I’m just showing you one here for an  example that’s the wire pick at number  six okay number     

Plug Spin 

Seven we’ve got the plug  spin up trade tools. Now this is used for, if you pick  a lock in the wrong direction. You can  actually spin the plug back past the  shear line. So let’s just say, we come to  a door. We say to the customer which way  do you normally turn the lock. If they  tell you clockwise you could spend five  or ten minutes picking the lock  clockwise.

locksmith woolwich

I need to find out that when  you turn the plug it doesn’t open the  door. So rather than have to relock it  and pick it back the other way. You can  simply insert a stall and spin that plug  back past. The shear  saving you from having to pick it again  and sometimes locks.

You’ll find that, they won’t pick one way. They’ll only  pick the other way, which is you know for  whatever reason maybe. The way the pins  have worn it won’t. Let you pick it one  way, but it will pick the other way in  that case. You can just spin it back  using this plug spinner.  Super handy tool get yourself one of  Those.     

Letterbox Tool 

locksmith tool kit
Locksmith tool kit

Okay number we now eight. We’ve got  the letterbox trade tools now. This one is the  super letterbox tool. This is another trade tools that I’ve had from day one. It’s got  all the attachments in here.  This one’s really battered, it’s got  Parts. We’ll be seeing in everything, but  it served me well. So you can see, it’s  got a little mirror on here and if you  don’t know what business is forward.

 We’re going through the letterbox  to pull the handle down on the inside of  the door. It comes with all these  attachments. One thing I don’t like about  this toys the connections are very loose.  So these can often fall out, I’ll show  you here just how loose. They are some of  them.

locksmith n16

They just don’t hold at all  that’s probably with wear and tear. So I  often have to put a little bit of card  in there to clamp them in. There are new  versions of this tool out, now there’s  one that’s called the extreme letterbox  tool. Which is it does many more things  than this one plus.

 It’s got little ball  catches, spring-loaded ball catches that  lock the attachments  gather. So you don’t have any risk of  dropping the toy through. The letterbox  would be a disaster. Then you’ve lost  your tool to open the door. So that’s the  letterbox tall. This is the super  letterbox tool especially in the UK not  sure in the States. If you have so many  letter boxes, I think I only know from  watching movies and stuff. But in the UK  certainly we have letter boxes we’ve got.   

UPC spread 

The UPC spread up again, this is a  multi-use tool. But what we use, this for  is spreading the door creating a gap  between the door and the frame. So we can  often pop open their little hook catches  on you on a multi-point locking system.  There are times where the lock mechanism  jams up. So even, if you did snap the  cylinder, you managed to pick it or  whatever  it wouldn’t retract them hooks.

locksmith maida vale

 So we can  just go in, we can even pop the actual  hooks out of the keeps or we can create  a gap and then use a screwdriver to hook  them out super handy again. I’ve used  this a win sash windows to ease them  opened all sorts of things. So pretty  much a multi-purpose tool. I would say  very handy yeah good investment. It’s  worth having two of these one for the  top and one for the bottom of the door.  So that’s the uPVC spread up okay.  

 Head Torch 

Finally this isn’t so much a locksmith  Tool. But it is a must when you’re  starting out is a head torch.  Most of our work you know you’re using  two hands. If you’re picking a lock,  you’ve got one on the tension one on the  actual pick. You don’t have that third  hand hold a torch. You don’t want to say  to your customer to hold a torch is very  unprofessional.

So invest you know a few  dollars into a into a head torch. This  particular one’s it’s called  LED Lenser and the good thing about this  one you can adjust the the brightness  and the focus on it, which is pretty cool.  when you need to sort of focus on  one point of the law really okay. So that  was my 10 top 10 locks with tools for  beginners. Hope you found that useful, if  you want to learn more about how to use  these tools.      

Locks and key making equipment.

locksmith tools list
Locksmith tools list

 Locksmiths need to have tension wrenches, picks, pick sets, pins, pinning kits, and of course, several kinds of locks. There are certain locks used for hospitals, government offices, gates, and furniture to name a few. Aside from these, locks can be electronic, electromagnetic or biometric, if they are not of the traditional kind. Any locksmith who has undergone proper training is familiar with what Kwikset locks are and what ILCO key making or generating machines are.  These are two of the standard locksmith tools used during locksmith training.

Slim Jim

A 24 hour locksmith normally keeps a Slim Jim, which is an older type of tool for use in unlocking older vehicles.  While we now live in the modern age, several people still have old vehicles with them because they either cannot afford to buy more sophisticated models or they simply love to collect old cars they do not wish to be damaged. This makes it important for lock smiths to have knowledge of how to unlock without having to cause any further damage. And in a task like this, a Slim Jim comes in handy.

Code machines. 

Newer vehicles have transponder keys needed to start the ignition system. These transponder keys require code machines for generating protocols for them to work. These modern keys are ways to improve the security of vehicles and helps in reducing costs that insurance companies incur.

Key blanks.

 These are standard tools that an emergency locksmith uses in his trade. These key blanks need to be classified into different categories that require certain items to go with them. There are at least six different kinds of residential blanks, while there are about ten brands of commercial blanks. On top of these, there are also automotive key blanks used in domestically and internationally manufactured vehicles.

Key tags and key cutters.

 A locksmith is able to keep up with the different keys used in the locksmith services world with the help of drawers, key tags and key towers. These tools help in organizing keys generated with key cutters that have at least 6 different kinds. Generally key cutters can be manual, semi-automatic, automatic, and tubular to name a few. Also there are also those that come in the form of cutter wheels.

locksmiths brixton

Simply put, there are several things that professional locksmiths need to know more about. Basically in many cases, required knowledge can be retained through repetition. With all the different kinds of locks, tools and methods that locksmiths can use, otherwise it simply seems impossible to memorize all of them. So this is when notes and manuals come in handy. Therefore, it helps that a locksmith holds on to different manuals gathered through the years for future reference.

The 5 Best Key Cutting Machine

1. XHORSE’s XP005 key cutting machine Trade Tools

key cutting machine
Key cutting machine

Source XHORSE DOLPHIN XP005 is a high-tech and new key cutting machine. That is developed to full fill your key and tool cutting needs. It is an upgraded version of XP005. Which has various new functions and features. Hence XP005 key cutting machine is specially designed to key cutting rather than to other tools cutting. So it’s easy to cut keys. You can cut car keys, motorcycle keys and cylinder keys. You can cut remote key, ignition key, transponder keys, magnetic keys and others.

broken key extractor
Broken key extractor

locksmith bexleyheath

It’s perfectly suitable for the key cutting industry, car maintenance industry and the tooling industry. With the XP005 key cutting machine you can cut more than 2000 keys for a single charge. Which means you can cut more keys for customers, more keys for cars, motorcycles and more keys for atv racing bicycles and more keys for the whole life. The key cutting machine provides full-size backlit graphic lcd screen. Convenient key code reading and entering and easy-to-use keys management.   

2. CHKJ GOSO 998A  Key Cutting Machine Trade Tools

locksmith tools key cutting machine
Locksmith tools key cutting machine

CHKJ GOSO vertical key cutting machine 998A is a kind of special machine for locksmith. It can be used for several kinds of key duplicating such as electronic locks, house locks, hotel locks, cabinet locks, safe locks, car locks and motorcycle locks etc. It is also a good tool for the locksmith to grind the key and open the lock which is jammed.

automotive locksmith tools
Automotive locksmith tools

locksmith dalston

The CHKJ GOSO 998A  is a key cutting machine, that is utilized for making and cutting all sorts of keys of door locks and car locks. This product helps you make copies of keys and this works quickly.

best key cutter machine
Best key cutter machine

It is produced in china under the CHKJ organization. The machine is constructed with a durable steel casing with an attaching arm cover and has a solid base. The product is additionally protected by a layer of paint.

3. XHORSE’s XP007 Key Cutting Machine

diy key cutting machine
Diy key cutting machine

Source condor XHORSE’s XP007 cutter is a handheld key cutting machine for keys. The key cutting machine has adopted the advanced micro computer control technology and digital display. What’s more, it is designed with manually key cutting machine. Mechanical key cutting machine .Key cutting machine and auto key cutting machine our XHORSE’s XP007 key cutting machine, with flat blades and a high-speed motor will make you able to open closed doors or padlocks at home.

key cutting machine locksmith
Key cutting machine locksmith

locksmith stanmore

And you will be able to make your own keys or duplicate keys with it with high precision. It is easy to operate and the blade is detachable and easy to clean. The source XHORSE’s dolphin XP007 manually key cutting machine for laser dimple and flat keys is a cost-effective and convenient cutter that is designed to quickly cut keys with ease.

key cutting machine laser
Key cutting machine laser

It works with laser dimple and flat keys and comes with an adjustable metal guide. Which means, you can cut keys of all sizes.

4. LZHZXY DF 668C Key Cutting Machine Trade Tools

key cutting machine lock
Key cutting machine lock

 The LZHZXY DF 668C key cutting machine is value action fixture based key cutting machine. Which can cut a variety of keys. It can be used in many situations according to the key cutting situation. And it works properly in about five minutes after starting and its operation is easy with a power supply of 220 v. So it is easier to use than portable key cutting machines and it is more efficient in terms of cost and safety.

locksmith southall

key cutter machine used
Key cutter machine used

 When used at the workplace, it is the best improved DF 668 key cutting machine. It is with additional functions wider key copy angle range and more convenience to use with high efficiency and high precision cnc machining center. The key cutting machine has a high degree of automation. It is the economical and practical way to save money.

The key cutting machine has a rapid speed of cutting keys and an excellent cutting quality better than the traditional cutting methods. In addition the key cutting machine is portable and convenient to use.

5. Xtool KNC81 Key Cutting Machine Tool

key cutting vending machine
Key cutting vending machine

KNC81 smart key cutting machine  is a newgeneration key cutting machine. Which isdesigned on the basis of our many years experience of this line in. The user’s voice, it is featured by highest efficiency, easy operation and maintenance and high precision the KNC 81 is a fully automated professional in car key cutting machine.

key duplicating vending machine
Key duplicating vending machine

locksmith whitechapel

It supports automatic high speed and efficient key cutting. It is perfect for car locksmiths car dealerships car repair shops workshops. Many other automotive businesses the patented tablet control panel makes KNC 81 stand out among other car key cutting machines. The tablet control panel allows for easy operation with large display and simple menu structure. It is highly user friendly, light weight and easy to learn.

key cutting machine xhorse
Key cutting machine xhorse

locksmith sidcup

What tool does a locksmith use?

Locksmiths trade tools are long reach tools, automotive lock picks, Slim Jims, wedges, key cutting machines and auto jigglers to help with a variety of locks and their issues. Be sure to have these on hand to help you get back into your vehicles, home and car in an emergency.

What are the 3 skills you should be able to do as a locksmith?

Locksmith Skill:

  • Client Service. Good customer or client service is one of the most important part of a business.
  • Also Good Network.
  • Issue-Solving Skills.
  • Must have An Interest In The Locksmith Industry.
  • Knowledge and Training In The Locksmith Industry.
  • Open To Learning New Techniques About Locksmith Industry.
  • Lastly Contact Sevan Doors and Locks .

What is the tool that locksmiths use to open doors?

Trip wire. A trip wire is a must have tool for every locksmith. A trip wire is a curved tool. It is mainly used to open the pin in a door lock or open a frozen tumbler. The trip wires line up perfectly with the key made. Pins in door locks are best used to open them.

How do you unlock a door without a key in 5 seconds?

the locksmith

If your Knob door any door has been locked, and you missed the key or you left the key inside the room. Then how can you open the lock easily without any key or paper pin or etc. Paper pin or without any hair pin. First twist knob & open the knob door lock ring. Every knob lock has this kind ring open it, with twist it.

Unlock a door Tips

It need little force to open, hold tight and open easily. Twist anti clock wise to open. When knob ring open you can find a pin inside the ring knob. This pin you have to press it in one hand and with the help of other hand, twist to open knob see the door is open. Also by using this method you can very easily open any knob door lock.

How do you use J tool?

J Tool

A homemade lock bypass tool “J-Tool” that allows you to turn the latch on some business(commercial)deadbolt locks. Simple, but highly effective when used correctly on the PROPER doors. Not shown anywhere else.

it’s intended to slip in the gap between double doors and flip the thumb turn

How do you unlock a door without a key from the outside?

Following are the tips and tricks unlock door without key

  • Bobby hair pin – The bobby hair pin lock pick is one of the most common tricks in daily life used to unlock doors.
  • Screwdriver – A screwdriver is used to open a door lock without using a key is quite easy.
  • Knife – Use a kitchen knife.
  • Pick – Lock picking tool
  • Card – Use a credit card.
  • Copy key – Use a Bump key or copy key.
  • Hinges – Remove the hinges of door lock.

What is a bam bam tool?

Slap hammer is really useful tool known as a bam-bam tool. This has three parts we have the hammer itself this one’s about four Pounds. So the shaft on which it slides and then there is a threaded end that accepts attachments and there’s all kinds of attachments. For these everything from pulling gears to fixing dents on cars but probably the it is used to open lock doors.

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